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Advocare Reviews A Critical Look At Advocare S Business Model And Recruiting System

By: Josh Boxer

They would say its the quality of their products, which are superb by the way. The truth is, nutritional suppliments are a dime a dozen and its a stupidly competitive market. Its most popular potion is Spark. Its one of those powders you pour into your water.

MNS or Metabolic Nutrition System is Advocares Vitamin line. They are said to have 80 various nutrients which claim to improve concentration, help gain joint mobility, cut down cholesterol, build muscle, etc.

The business also brags that its sanctioned by athletes in the NBA, NFL and assorted olympic athletes. That is all great, it does it bring a minute amount of credibility to your product line and the company,hoever, it doesnt make you credible.

Let’s cut to the chase. Advocare is in the health and wellness business. They know how to promote Advocare and that is what they teach their distributors to do, however in todays day and time, it takes a little more than sales skills to foster a big business. You need real world internet marketing training and a lead generation system.

Most distributers have a tough time marketing their product because they have not the slightest clue about marketing. Attending trade shows, marketing your product at the local gym and showing up at flea markets with your product are so passe.

Lets face it, you only have so many friends and family to pitch your product to. Buying leads off geneology lists is so old school and very few people are good enough to close someone on a cold call.

Walking your local grocery stores, stopping at every gas station in town to find your next prospect happens all too often. On Saturdays you make your rounds to the local Starbucks, then Home Depot of Lowes. So with all of this, how could anyone possibly make any money?

Most dont. If you count the number of Advocare Distributors and divide it by the number of people making more than $5K a month, you will clearly see that less than 1/10th of 1% of distributors are making any significant money. Dont believe me? Read #4 . $40K a year after 2 years does not excite me, nor should it excite you, knowing that you should be bringing that in every month or two.

Why are people failing? Because the cheese moved and they didnt move to where the cheese is now. The web is where the action is today. Sure there are some old school Hot Dog Marketers out there that have been around since the 1980s and have huge networks. The cold hard facts are, very few people can duplicate their efforts.

Let bye gone’s be bye gone’s. I would way rather target my market online and laser in on the people that actually want to make some serious money rather than having to convince someone they need to have what I have to offer. Today, its all about positioning and branding yourself as a leader. Do that and people will chase you.

All top earners in Advocare and every other MLM are using a system. The Internet allows you access to 2.5 billion people online all over the globe. Using a funded proposal lead generation method, auto-responders, blogs, web 2.0 an 3.0, we educate people how to leverage the internet.

Its all about leverage in your Advocare business. If you are the system, you will be spinning your wheels for the rest of your life. Why not let the system spin your wheels and you leverage time. You see its not what you can do, its what you can duplicate. Network Marketing does not have to be hard, its people that make it that way.

To Your Advocare Success,

Joshua Boxer


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