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Can’t Keep Up with Content Marketing? Eliminate Technical Frustration with CMS

Can’t Keep Up with Content Marketing? Eliminate Technical Frustration with CMS

Content marketing is the antithesis of interruption marketing. While content marketing pulls readers in, giving them useful, actionable information, interruption marketing tactics like online advertising work in much the same jarring way as a door-to-door salesperson.

The nice thing about content marketing is that there are several ways you can go about it. It isn’t necessary to just build an authority site packed with hundreds of articles on a niche theme to be effective. You can, in some cases, be just as effective with a microsite.

What is a micro-site? It’s a website with branded content that isn’t part of your main homepage which can be set up on a separate URL or a subdomain. Microsites allow a website to focus more on a subject. For instance, if your company sells wearable devices, a microsite would allow you to just display content on your latest release. The reader will not be distracted by content related to older, cheaper devices with less functionality.

While content marketing is a highly effective way of attracting visitors, generating leads, improving conversions, and generating sales, it can be technically difficult to manage all the complexities of running a website if you or your team don’t have a technical background. This is where a content management system (CMS) can be a game changer.

CMS Makes the Technology Invisible

CMS is a wonderful tool from the perspective of a non-technical administrator, freeing them up from the technical complexities of managing the website. There is no need to have Front End Developer skills like an understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make any content changes to the website.

This ease-of-use is particularly important for a one-person business where the website owner is also the administrator and just wants a simple way to add, edit, and manage their website. By not focusing on technicalities, they can spend more of their time focusing on running their business.

So, for instance, rather than trying to figure out how to create an H1 headline or how to bold or italicize certain words, a website owner can use a WYSWIG editor. Since a WYSWIG editor makes it easy to make any changes to the text, there is no need to know how to write HTML elements.

CMS even makes demanding tasks like uploading media, making design changes, or granting access to multiple users easy to learn.

Creating an Effective Business Website

For your business website to be effective, it must be flexible.

A flexible website is one you can easily scale up or down by adding or removing pages and making content changes. Content changes, for instance, might include changing prices, changing promotions, or changing advertising. CMS makes it easy for a website to dynamically change any content residing in the database.

When deciding what type of CMS to use for your website, you must first get clear on factors like the platform, the languages (an international website should support the languages of multiple countries), E-commerce functionality, and administration features. Once you have a clear vision of what you want, you can then choose a CMS that allows you to integrate all the most relevant technical options.

When trying to decide on your needs for your business website, you will face a cross-road: should you use an open source solution or hire developers to build a custom solution? Here’s the thing. If you just need basic features, an open source solution will help you get started in the right way. Open source solutions offer basic functionality. But if your business is unique, your website will be complex. In this case, customization will be a better option.

CMS Makes Content Marketing Easier

In summary, CMS makes it easy for non-technical users to get good at content marketing and building brand consistency. They don’t have to worry about how to change content, tweak the design, or publish on multiple platforms.

Since the technology is invisible, website owners can focus on marketing and customer service rather than get distracted by the need to learn how to code or the necessity of hiring someone to make simple HTML changes. They are in complete control of their business.

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