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Five Graphic Design Elements Small Businesses Can’t Ignore

Five Graphic Design Elements Small Businesses Can’t Ignore

It happened to me many times that I tried to know more about a company after looking at its eye-catchy logo or creatively-designed website. My friend, clever designs wield power that can attract your audience like anything. Be it your website, logo, or brochures, your audience notices you. And if you want to leave a lasting impression on your audience, you should have great graphic design elements.

Why Design Is Important to Small Business Success

Design plays a pivotal role in conveying the value of your business to your prospects and customers.

Here are critical reasons why design is essential for your business:

  • Great design makes a great first impression, which is crucial to attracting the audience
  • Good web design makes your website easy-to-use, meaning more people will interact with your website
  • Your business can stand out from a crowd with robust design
  • Unique design makes your brand unforgettable
  • Excellent design of product labels and packaging can build a strong image of your business

Last but not least, the right design can help you target the right market. For example, having a playful design can help you garner much-needed attention for your products suitable for kids.

Essential Graphic Design Elements for Your Business

If you want to build a strong impression on your prospects and customers, you should be aware of the latest graphic design trends and create the following design elements uniquely:

1- Logo

Your business logo is often the first thing your prospects and customers see when they’re interacting with your brand. So, you must have a memorable, versatile logo for your business.

If you don’t know what makes a good logo, here are a few qualities of successful logos to help you out:

  • Simplicity
  • Differentiation
  • Relevancy
  • Memorability
  • Scalability
  • Versatility
  • Legibility

Also, you can check these innovative logo design trends to get inspiration.

2- Website

A small business website is no more a luxury but a necessity. Even if you don’t sell products or services online, your business cannot shy away from having a fully-functional website.

However, just creating a website won’t move the needle. Your prospects and customers will leave your website when they find it challenging to navigate or access information. That said, you should design your website that conveys your message clearly, and its visual elements hold visitors’ attention.

If you’re new to web designing and don’t know where to begin, you can explore these latest web design trends to get you started.

3- Business Card

Strategically designed business cards can encourage your prospects to contact you to make a purchase. Contrary to what many people might say, business cards are not dead yet.

In fact, 72% of people will judge your business by the quality of your business cards. So, my friend, you cannot take business card design lightly.

An ideal business card includes all the essential details people may require to contact you as well as your photo and business logo. In the back of your business card, you can put products/services you offer.

Explore these awesome business card design ideas to find a winning design for your business card.

4- Product Labels and Packaging

Do you want to increase the likelihood of your products getting picked up in your store without your salesman telling about those products? If yes, implement creative product labels and packaging that pique your audience’s interest.

Gone are the days when products labels and packaging were just for specifying the products. Now, product labels and packaging have to attract the attention of prospects and customers, increase brand recall, and offer a unique brand experience.

Choosing colors that help packages stand out, making packaging easy-to-handle, maintaining transparency are just a few of the critical packaging design trends that can make a difference.

5- Font

According to research by MIT, typography matters when it comes to reading and comprehending. Better font choices in your logo, business document, website, or other brand communication can work in your favor.

So you should pick a font with the right personality, which complements your business. For example, Script fonts are ideal for companies offering feminine products.

You can go through these top font trends to know what is working these days.

How You Can Get Great Designs for Your Business

You have two options to have great design elements for your small business – one is hiring an in-house designer, and another is outsourcing design work to a reputed company.

Of course, working with an in-house designer can be costly for your business, especially when you are trying to run lean operations.

However, outsourcing designing tasks to another company doesn’t guarantee that you will get great design for your business if you don’t happen to pick the right company.

99designs by Vista has made it easy to get custom, unique designs. They have a large pool of talented designers from around the world, ensuring that you will get what you want.

Click here to know how 99designs can help you get unique, memorable designs for your business.

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