Getting Started And Staying In Your Lane!!

When I first started to develop an interest in marketing on the internet, it was around 2002 or maybe 2004 and of course I was searching for the big prize. It has been one hell of a ride and I still don’t have the prize but I have gained volumes of experience and a lot of “what not to do” There is an old saying in internet marketing. There are two ways to success when marketing on the internet: 1. You can buy your way in “skin in the game” 2. Work your way in “falling asleep on your keyboard with bloody fingertips” I say that with tongue in cheek!! Of course I took the latter route. Rabbit holes are scattered across the landscape and I have been down most of them. I have read about success story’s where an individual slaved for 10-15 years and finally found the secret to success and now wants to share the secret at a cost. Remember that line is a selling point used by many aspiring marketers. Secrets, Webinars. The money is in the list, Branding yourself, etc. etc. There are so many angles that are being marketed “You have to pay for the information” plus there are tools, gadgets and software that the hawker swears will get you to the top. I am a firm believer that “if you have your why” and the passion to keep moving forward, your experiences will open new avenues to your eventual success. This applies in any endeavor!!
There are no if as in “Is it Possible” There is only when and that is determined by how much effort is applied by the individual person!!
To Your Success,
Tom Moore

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