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How a New Boiler Could Save Your Home Business Money

How a New Boiler Could Save Your Home Business Money

Since the rating system for boiler efficiency changed in 2015, for the third time in a decade, many old boilers have been officially deemed wasteful; this is not only bad for the environment, but potentially for your home business too. With nearly 14% of all adults in employment regularly telecommuting, more of us than ever will be having to run our central heating systems during office hours as well as during the evening. Considering the fact that keeping your boiler running counts for around 60% of the average home’s energy bill, you shouldn’t have to let your bills stack up to keep your home business to the Government-recommended minimum temperature of 16 degrees Celsius.

Companies are now obligated by law to design their new boilers to meet the highest energy efficiency standards possible, but there a number of other reasons why a new boiler can be beneficial to your home business. However, first of all you might be wondering what the point of getting a new boiler fitted might be in the first place.

Why do you need a new boiler?

Obviously, if your boiler is making weird noises or you need to call the repairman more often than you used to, you’re going to need to have it replaced. However, even if your boiler appears to be working fine, it is essential to have it replaced if it is over fifteen years old; this is down to the aforementioned changes to energy efficiency ratings, which your old model boiler won’t have been designed to match.

New boilers come in the range of sizes to suit your property size. Most installation companies can offer new boilers which are appropriate for the size of your property. If your home previously ran on a traditional boiler—which traditionally needs an entire tank to be stored in your attic—replacing it with a new combi boiler could not only be more energy efficient, but increase the amount of space in your property. These replacements can also be done quickly, often in the space of a day, which will cause minimum disruption to both your home and your business.

Can energy bills be a business expense?

If your business registration documents are linked to your home address, you have two options, depending on the area of your home taken up by your business. If your home business uses up 50% or more of your home’s energy bills—which is entirely possible, considering the electricity and heat needed to run a company during working hours—you may be able to register for a business tariff with your energy supplier.

Alternatively, if your home office only amounts to a small room within your property, you can work out what percentage of your home this takes up. When your annual tax return rolls around, use this figure to calculate what proportion of your energy bill will be considered tax-deductible. As this is the most common scenario for home businesses, acquiring a new boiler which will lower your energy bills in the first place is essential in order to gain these, and other, benefits.

What are the business benefits of a new boiler?

By being environmentally-conscious about your energy bills, even if it’s just replacing your old boiler, you can broadcast this fact to your customers; recent statistics show that sustainably-minded companies are more attractive to consumers and clients. Not only that, but having a warmer home office—on top of a more energy-efficient one—will allow you to save money on meeting spaces by potentially hosting meetings with clients from your own property. It can also portray your business as friendly and welcoming, the sort of atmosphere which is often appreciated by clients.

Furthermore, as a result of purchasing a new boiler for your home business, you will find working from home more enjoyable, as it will ensure that you can do so in comfort. This won’t just come from the knowledge that your home will be a warmer place to conduct business, but that you will be running a more energy-efficient company at a reasonable cost.

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