How Do Websites Make Money? Some Methods To Start!!

What about those that are making money? How do their websites make money and generate an income for their owners? Below are a few ways websites make money.


1. Affiliate programs: Sites that don’t rely on advertising (and even those that do) concentrate on affiliate programs. is a favorite among many entrepreneurs. It happens to be one of the largest and most successful ecommerce sites in the world. If you can harness the power of their affiliate platform, success can be just around the corner.

Like ads, affiliate programs are easy to maintain. Most programs have their own marketing material so the affiliate only needs to place the merchant’s banners and textlinks on their site and then generate traffic.

2. Ads: The majority generate an income by using ads. Despite this becoming a popular business model, it’s success is becoming questionable because considerable traffic is needed. Some websites rely on private ad exchanges, but most rely on Google.

Ads are easy to set up and operate for the most part. Google Adsense for instance, is a code that you simply add to your pages and then begin making money once the ads are clicked but again considerable traffic is needed.


3. Premium accounts: Subscription site owners give people the opportunity to get a free account; they then offer an upgrade option that includes more than the free account. Before they can use the site some web owners make user’s sign up on a less expensive account and then offer to upgrade to the premium account.

Subscription sites are very popular and profitable because they provide a residual income. You can sell to the same customer over and over again.

4. Virtual products: Software, Ebooks, videos and music downloads are taking precedence on the internet. One that is increasingly popular is Ebooks and they are predicted to overtake print books if they haven’t already.

Whether or not that’s true is debatable but more people are searching for virtual products for entertainment and education. Sites like offers a plethora of Ebooks and software downloads in virtually every subject.

Amazon Kindle Store lets users find their favorite (and new) print books in digital format. And no one can deny the fact that Itunes has overtaken CD stores many years ago.

5. If you don’t have a ton of traffic, but you do have dedicated followers? Simply ask your readers to donate!
Accepting one-off donations isn’t a fast road to wealth, however, it can help you cover expenses in the short-term if people like what you have to say and want to support your efforts and cause.

Last but not least, clothes and accessories: While a number of people do sell physical products like cellphones & electronics. Clothes are actually producing the greatest number of profits. Perhaps it’s because women tend to shop more, and more women are shopping online.

Many of these women are not seeking electronics but fashion related goods and services. It’s not just Amazon that is seeing tremendous growth but many online versions of successful offline shops as well as small independently run online shops.

There are more methods one could choose from to help their websites make money, but the ones listed are the most profitable and secure. When you are competing against billions of websites to make money you want ideas that work.

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