How To Write Content About Giving Back

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Posted On: May 27, 2020

In these trying times, businesses are doing anything they can to stay afloat. Studies show that keeping your marketing going during this time is one sure-fire way to ensure you come out on top at the end of this. But, what can you write about that isn’t already overdone or won’t be too sensitive to your readers, who may also be struggling? 

How to write content about giving back

Writing content about how your business is giving back will not only show your readers your altruistic side, it will give them something to feel good about. And when your brand inspires good feelings, people will share your articles and buy your products and services; a definite win-win in my opinion. 

Use your emails to tell your readers what you’re doing

Email marketing is alive and well, but readers will only open an email if it has something valuable to share. A great discount on their favourite products just might be the key.

“Our company has been offering 30% off discount sales every weekend through email marketing campaigns to help our customers that depend on our products for their well-being.” – Keeon Yazdani of WE R CBD

Blogs and social media rule when you are giving away free services

If you are doing something totally out of the ordinary, like giving away free services to those in need, write a blog about it and make it very specific. From there, you want to share, share, share, on social media.

“Looka has been offering free logos to those starting a business after COVID-related layoffs. After a layoff, it can be tough to get back on your feet—especially if you’re looking to do so by starting a new business. Naturally, we wanted to do our bit by helping these new entrepreneurs out. So far, the stories we’ve heard about the innovative new businesses people are starting during this time have really inspired us, and we’re looking forward to sharing them on our blog and social media in the coming weeks.” – Dawson Whitfield of Looka

“In response to the COVID-19 crisis, OneSignal recently announced it will offer a free 6-month push notification plan for healthcare, government, and non-profit organizations fighting the pandemic.” – George Deglin of One Signal

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Be authentic

The last thing anyone wants right now is a business that is tooting their own horn for something they are doing just to ride the wave. This means that, if your company is not truly invested in what you are doing to help right now, don’t publicize it. Your efforts should be in line with your business and help your customers.

“Customers can tell when people and companies are authentic. Having that personal touch is really something they admire, and they are drawn to the people who have these ideals. Having a good marketing program is great and allows you to tell an authentic story. But make sure there is truth to the stories. People can spot white lies when it comes to businesses and it will put off their customer there. Be transparent about changes and company problems, we are all in this together and people will like that. Doing charitable events can also help with this. We are personally doing a blood drive to help out the local community by partnering with the Red Cross to help combat blood shortages amidst the pandemic.” – Mike Falahee of Marygrove Awning Co.

“We are in a very challenging position because we sell fashion items to attendees of music festivals. These events are being canceled or postponed all around the country and even throughout the world as COVID-19 spreads. Even without the virus, the festival season is typically only during warmer months. So we had to figure out a way to pivot in order to keep our business growing. We’ve started designing face masks and for each mask that is purchased, we will be donating one non-printed face mask to nonprofits supporting those on the front lines. We are receiving thousands of orders and are excited to help anyone we can!” – Brandon Chopp of IHeartRaves

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“For every backpack sold we provide 25 meals to families in need across the U.S. Due to the recent COVID-19 crisis, we’ve started an initiative to double the meals provided for every backpack sold, in order to donate 50 meals for each backpack sold to Feeding America’s COVID-19 Response Fund. We’ve provided 10,000 meals to the response fund to date, and hope to reach 50,000 meals provided by the end of May.” – Kelly Belknap of Adventurist Backpack Co.

“My clean tech manufacturing company Indow has spun up a non-profit specifically to disseminate best practices for keeping workplaces safe for workers. This effort comes out of the manufacturing space and we are using lean manufacturing techniques but instead of eliminating inefficiencies, we are eliminating COVID-19 transmission vectors. We are disseminating free COVID-19 action plans and doing free webinars. Organizations of all types can easily and quickly implement our plans. Already we have gotten international attention and coverage with forward-looking media in the manufacturing sector.” – Sam Pardue of Indow

If you need help with how to write content about giving back that showcases your authentic business efforts, let us know. We can brainstorm the best course of action to put your business in the spotlight, while also showing your altruistic side.

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