Woohoo, I’m done with quarantine! Oh man, that was harder than I thought. The first 10 days weren’t too bad because I had some goals to accomplish. I redesigned Retire by 40, exercised, and did a detox. However, quarantine got really boring after I finished the site redesign. You know, it’s kind of like early retirement. Life is way better if you have goals and other things to work on. Retirement would be unbearable if it was just about relaxing and having fun.

I'm done with quarantine
I needed some vitamin D.

Anyway, quarantine was very productive for me. I have been trying to redesign my site for over 2 years and couldn’t get it done. There were too many distractions at home and I couldn’t focus. What do you think of the new look? I’m pretty happy with the result. There are still some bugs here and there so let me know if you see any problems.

Okay, here is my experience over the last few days of quarantine.

Day 11

  • I wrapped up the site redesign. I just needed to follow up with the developer and figure out how to fix a few things. I was happy to be done and took it easy the rest of my stay. However, I still felt kind of down for being stuck in quarantine.
  • My elbow and knees hurt so I skipped exercise and yoga. That’s the problem with exercising every day. My joints don’t like it.
  • I had the second Covid test. This was the lowest point of my quarantine. The testing was scheduled for 1-3pm, but I didn’t get called down until 3:45 pm. It was really annoying. While it wasn’t like I had anywhere to go, I still hate waiting around. It was stressful because I didn’t want to miss a test. Also, the tester had a heavy hand. It hurt a lot more than the first test. Ouch!
  • Fortunately, I found lotion in the bathroom that evening. It was hiding behind the shampoo. Previously, I didn’t look closely at the label and thought it was conditioner. Anyway, this meant I could take a hot bath. Yay! It was so relaxing. I have dry skin so I need to use lotion or avoid hot baths/showers.
  • Did a little laundry. I washed some underwear and undershirts. They didn’t have a laundry service at this hotel.

Day 12

  • I felt a bit better on day 12 for some reason. I made a pull-up video and posted it. My joints felt good so I worked out and did yoga as usual.
  • I lied down in the sun for an hour so I could acclimate to it. The last time I did it (day 5), I got a little sunburned. I’m not kidding. It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the sun. Anyway, I put on sunscreen this time so it was good. The vitamin D helped improve my mood.
quarantine snack Thai food
  • I broke down and ordered a fruit platter and moo ping. I needed a treat. It was so good! The watermelon was super sweet. It’s like they spiked it with sugar cane juice or something. The watermelons in the US are so watery in comparison. This really cheered me up. It was worth $5. 😀

Day 13

  • Worked on a blog post.
  • Exercised and did yoga.
  • Watch movies and YouTube clips. YouTube kept suggesting Thai food clips. It’s like they know I’m desperate for real Thai food.
  • I was lazy and bored.
  • I ordered room service again. Somtum (papaya salad) and sticky rice to supplement my dinner. Wow, the somtum was salty, sour, sweet, and spicy! It was really good, yum.
quarantine dinner 13

Day 14

  • Exercised and did yoga.
  • Catch up with other Early Retirement blogs.
  • Layout in the sun one more time.
  • Figured out how to use an external microphone with my digital recorder. Doh! I need an adapter that I left at home.
  • Packed.
  • I ordered room service one last time – fried chicken wings! These wings are about half the size of the US wings. They were so good. Maybe because I haven’t had fried food in months. Interestingly, the order only had the middle sections (winglets.) The kitchen used the drumettes in other dishes.
quarantine dinner 14

Day 15

  • I’m finishing up this post before I check out at 8am. My aunt is meeting me at the hotel. We’ll catch up and head to Don Mueang airport. Then, I’ll check my travel pack and go find something to eat around that area. My flight to Chiang Mai is at 12:30 pm. I need to fly today because I don’t want to go through another quarantine. If I stay in Bangkok for a few days, I’ll have to quarantine at home for 14 days in Chiang Mai. No thanks.

Quarantine is over!

I am so happy that the quarantine is over. Overall, it was a positive experience. I got time to focus and fix up Retire by 40. That was desperately needed. Also, I didn’t have to cook and do all sorts of errands like when I’m home. It was quite nice to take a break from being a SAHD. Mrs. RB40 told me, “I hate cooking every day!” Hahaha, they still need me. Unfortunately, the quarantine got really boring once I completed my goals. 14 days is a long time to be in isolation. Luckily, the room service carried me through these last few days. The food was much better when freshly prepared. Oh, the boxed meals repeat after a week. That’s why I didn’t post food pictures on the 2nd week.

Well, that’s it for quarantine. I hope I don’t have to do this again anytime soon. It felt kind of like a cushy jail. But I’m glad I finished redesigning the site. It worked out relatively well.

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