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What Qualities Makes a Great Boss These Days?

What Qualities Makes a Great Boss These Days?

As humans, it is natural to have a genuine desire to be liked. When it comes to differentiating our personal life from that of our business profile, things can get a little tricky. No one understands this dynamic quite like a boss.

Finding the right way to get stuff done while running a tight ship can be a challenge for most new bosses, who generally have the same enthusiasm in wanting to be seen as a leader and also a likeable presence in the office. So what is the measure of a great boss? Is there a standard metric to employ? When we try to figure out the best life insurance companies or bookkeeping services for accounting purposes, for example, we go through a list of criteria to determine whether the choice made is the right one for the well-being of your company.

No, is the simple answer. It truly depends on a number of factors. However, there are a number of fundamental points which any leader can follow in order to establish themselves as a good boss.

Understand that your team is comprised of individuals

In the way you cannot peel a banana the same way you do an orange, you cannot treat every single member of staff the same way. Differing personalities, strengths, weaknesses, and motivations are essentially what make up your employees. The mark of a great boss is the ability to manage a number of different staff members, while remaining fair and inspiring all.

Inspire trust and harmony

Trust and harmony are what keeps a group of staff members motivated and productive. Take a zero-tolerance stance to in-group fighting and bickering, and create an environment where all staff members are treated as the same, regardless of background or differences. You have the power to do this as a boss, but you must first learn how to harness that power in order to execute it efficiently.

Know how to praise your employees

Everyone needs to know where they stand. If staff members are not receiving adequate praise when it comes to their performances, you can pretty much bet that their productivity will be affected. Arrange one-to-one sessions where you highlight how good of a job your team is doing.

Lead by example

If you want a productive workforce that is efficient and always on time, show them how it’s meant to be done. It is truly that simple. Lead by example, show the way, light the torch and then pass that flame. The “do as I say, not as I do” philosophy is a sure-fire way to breed resentment and destroy morale. Actions always speak louder than words, and being a boss is no different.

Create a team of leaders

Inspire others to step up and lead in their own ways. Be the boss they want and need, but teach them to handle things by themselves. This level of confidence placed in your employees can pay dividends for their confidence, and as part of their sense of worth in the company. An employee that is satisfied and feels as though they have a big future or a vested interest in a business beyond their salary will work harder. Period.

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