The latest update to Zoho Workplace has brought a focus on business context and continuity to the productivity, collaboration, and communication platform.

Zoho Workplace is a suite of nine technology tools, which are integrated to their users’ business processes. It’s essentially a platform that ensures all its component apps are working perfectly with each other. In turn, that helps you more easily go through your work to run your small business.

Zoho Workplace’s bottom line

Zoho says that the improved capabilities of Zoho Workplace can be grouped into three categories.

First, there’s contextual communication. That means that the apps that make up the suite communicate with each other and present information in context. For example, receiving an email with a document will come with a view of why the document is there and what part of a workflow or project it is.

Furthermore, Zoho Workplace has improved continuity. It can offer this because it’s built on a common data model. What improved continuity means for the small business owner is that the apps are not disjointed from each other. They work across devices and even integrate with other apps businesses use. In other words, that means information flows more easily to where the user wants it to go.

Most importantly, these two bring convenience to their users. For the small business owner, it means that the integration of all the information needed to work and the flexibility to cater to custom workflows means it’s easier to finish the task and make the decision.

Zoho Workplace pricing starts at $3 per user per month for the standard version and $6 per user per month for the professional version. Nonetheless, there’s a lot more going on under the hood, so to speak. In other words, those interested can visit this Zoho page to learn more. Otherwise, read on below to find out more about the nine apps that comprise the business software suite.

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Nine apps under one roof

Zoho Workplace brings together nine tightly integrated apps under one convenient dashboard for the small business team. The apps are:


More than an email app, it enables users to make audio or video calls from within the app. Meanwhile, document attachments can also be edited via Zoho Writer. They can meet online with contacts and access all their different mail accounts via Zoho Mail. Security features include S/MIME certificates, MFA, email rules, unusual login alerts, and custom spam controls.


This brings teams onto one messaging app. Features include check-in or out, custom statuses, group audio or video calls, module-level configuration and customization, role-based permissions, and user-availability reports.


Meeting lets users create recurring meetings or facilitate one-off meetings with clients or collaborators. Additionally, integrates into Zoho Projects, Bookings, CRM, and other Zoho Apps.


This app allows users to participate and control a social intranet. It integrates with other human resource information systems, including Zoho People. Furthermore, technical features include permissions and user policies, as well as custom domain and SAML-based SSO.


A collaborative presentation tool, it integrates with Atlassian, Unsplash, and Humaans. It features an organization-wide slide library and data linking. As a result, slides update across the whole organization in real-time.


This spreadsheet app lets users transcend the ordinary spreadsheet functions and even visualize historic data, track data changes while collaborating, get data insights, convert images to spreadsheets, and bring in contextual data from Zoho and non-Zoho applications.


This cloud document management app unified search and access to files without worrying about hard drive space. It also features a powerful admin panel that allows tracking of team activity. It integrates with Zoho Directory.


While it can serve as a simple word processor, it also facilitates team collaboration. Functions include converting documents to fillable forms, restricting comment visibility, and gathering document engagement insights. It also has a powerful AI-based writing assistant.


This online training app supports branding and white-labeling. It enables users to set roles and privileges for their training team. Moreover, it also provides training insights.

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