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4 Job Solutions for Students Struggling to Find Work in London

4 Job Solutions for Students Struggling to Find Work in London

London is home to some of the world’s greatest and most respected universities, from University College London and Imperial College London to the London School of Economics, and many other high-quality seats of learning. There’s no better place to study with its vibrant nightlife and unrivaled cultural heritage, but it’s also one of the most expensive cities to live in, which is why finding a job can be a priority for its students and graduates. The job market in London can be incredibly competitive, so if you’re a student struggling to find work there, take a look at these four helpful job solutions.

1. Seek Help and Advice from Your Friends and Family

You know how great you could be in a job, but unless you already have lots of work experience it can be difficult to persuade potential employers how much of an asset you could be. That’s why it makes sense to contact the people who already appreciate your skills and abilities, by which we mean your friends and family. If you have relatives, however distant, or family of friends who own a business, then contacting them could be an easy way to find temporary or part-time employment. Don’t be afraid to ask, after all by working for them you’ll be contributing to their success as well as your own financial well-being.

2. Be Prepared to Take Any Work

Having a degree from a well-respected University can greatly increase your chances of landing your dream job, and graduates can earn around half a million pounds more during their working life than non-graduates. While studying, however, you have to be prepared to take work that may be far from your ideal. Jobs traditionally associated with students include bar work and retail jobs, and with so many bars and stores across London, these do provide opportunities for those willing to work long hours and to get their hands dirty. Getting a job in these sectors can be a numbers game, so don’t be downcast if you get rejected; simply update and polish your resume and keep applying until you receive a positive response. Remember that seasonal retail jobs are available in December, so making applications in October and November can be especially fruitful.

3. Enroll with a Temp Agency

As a student, your main focus is on your studies and on achieving the best possible grades, so when looking for a job, it can pay to seek help from the specialists when it comes to London-wide recruitment: a temporary staffing agency. Temp agencies have all the contacts you need; they know who’s looking for employees now, and who is likely to need more staff in the immediate future, and they can ensure that your CV appears at the top of an employer’s application pile. Discover more about the services job agencies offer and find part-time jobs in London here; it could make all the difference.

4. Make Your Skills Pay

You don’t necessarily have to work for somebody else if you need an extra income to help you through your studies. Many students are utilising the skills they already possess and are making money by becoming a freelancer. There are many websites that allow freelancers to offer their skills, and you can be paid for a myriad of tasks that can be carried out in your flat, from computer-aided design, to translating languages, to entering data on your computer. Be sure to use a reputable site if you’re freelancing, but if you have the skills people are looking for it can be more lucrative than you might expect.

Finding a part-time job can turn a good student life into a great one, as well as give you vital experience that can help you secure permanent employment after you graduate. Friends, family and temp agencies can all be your friends in the increasingly competitive world of job seeking, so be confident in your own abilities and start looking for work today.

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