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5 Steps to Changing Your US Mailing Address

5 Steps to Changing Your US Mailing Address

Moving is normally a hectic affair that involves an assortment of dreary activities. You have to spend hours packing, sealing and labeling your stuff before eventually moving them to your new location and settling down there. Planning your move beforehand always helps to make the change as stress-free as possible.

Apart from calling a reliable hauling service and configuring your mind for this fresh start, changing your mailing address is crucial. This process is a necessity as it ensures that all your letters are sent to the appropriate address.

Here are 5 essential steps to follow when changing your US mailing address:

Step 1: Visit your local post office and fill out a physical form

If you prefer doing things old-school, this option will suit you perfectly. You’ll need to make a stop at any post office near you and request a PS 3575 form. This is basically a form you fill out whenever you need to change your mailing address within the United States. Filling out this particular form is generally easy. However, you can always request help from the qualified staff there.

Step 2: Alternatively, you can utilize online services or make a call

Making your way to the post office and filling out a hard copy form might not be your cup of tea – this is certainly understandable. Luckily, rigorous technological advances in recent years have helped to create alternative techniques for changing your mailing address. You can simply make a telephone call to 1-800-275-8777 and submit your request vocally to qualified professionals. You can also check out this US Mailing Change of Address site if you require swift services.

Step 3: Update your online subscriptions

There could be several catalog and magazine subscriptions you receive every month. Rather than ignoring this issue, it’s best to sort it out before relocating. Updating your subscriptions can easily be conducted online – it’s both quick and convenient. Simply log into the official websites of your magazine/catalog subscriptions and type in your customer number into the available change of address online form. You can also call your subscribed publications directly and request a change of address.

Step 4: Change your billing address

If you frequently buy products online, it’s important to update the shipping address you included when you initially signed up for Amazon or similar shops. This simple alteration can really save you lots of trouble: simply head to your profile/settings page and replace the old shipping address with your brand new one. Otherwise, you might get severely inconvenienced when your order is shipped to the previous location instead of your new address.

Step 5: Inform family and friends

It’s important to tell your loved ones that you have moved to a different address. This is a thoughtful gesture that allows your friends and family members to know your whereabouts in case anything happens. You can simplify this process by creating a concise list of all the people you wish to notify about your relocation. Next, send a short email or text informing them about your moving plans.

It is also important to let personal affiliations like credit card companies, your doctor, insurance businesses, etc. know that you are moving. Follow these five simple steps to make your change of address an easy, hassle-free engagement.

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