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Affiliate Organizer
I finally got so fed up, I decided to build it myself!

“At last, fill in the blanks, click a button, and be reminded of every aspect of your Affiliate and Internet Business”

Now you can quickly access all your business information, be notified of important events, and never miss a deadline — even if you barely know what day of the week it is..

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Dear Internet Friend,

Let’s face it, keeping track of every thing to do with your online business is tough!

There’s no doubt, it’s probably the most difficult task that any marketer faces as his business grows. Too often its overwhelming, tedious and even if you think you have a memory that’s razor sharp and

good organizational skills.. there are always things that slip through the cracks and are hard to manage.

Of course, some people will tell you that you can do fine without having every detail of your business easily accessible and backed up. WRONG! Just take a look at the way they run their business and judge for yourself. The 1 computer they never backup and the messy filing cabinets are an instant giveaway.

However, the big problem is most of the information, events, projects, ideas and fine details we have to keep track of in our day to day business amounts to a ton of numbers, dates, urls, passwords that even the savviest marketer has a job remembering and easily accessing. Also as the internet changes much of our information changes with it.

You see.. I have lots of websites registered by different registrars, hosted on different servers, with various usernames, passwords, ftp addresses, dns settings, support numbers and email addresses.

Not to mention all the advertising campaigns I am running, keyword lists I have spent countless hours creating, software I have purchased, unlock codes, private forums, membership sites and outsourced work that’s in progress.

To make matters worse…on top of that you have contact information, tele seminars you don’t want miss, deadlines, blogs, affiliate links, articles, merchants and payout rates.. You practically have to be a friggin whiz at memorizing and organizing.. or your screwed.

Sound at all familiar?

The results of having information scattered here and there, no easy access to it or the in-ability to be reminded of upcoming events, deadlines and things you need to work on..results in a business that runs You and is not likely to last!

But now there’s good news!…My problem is your opportunity..
Check It Out Here!!

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