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Electrical and Gas Installations in Bars and Restaurants: Do Yours Comply?

Electrical and Gas Installations in Bars and Restaurants: Do Yours Comply?

If you are a bar or restaurant owner or you are thinking about opening one, you should know that the electricity and gas installations in a bar or restaurant are regulated. You may have started setting up your business from home, but now it’s time to grow into a commercial location and turn it into a prosperous dining venue. There are a series of requirements that must be met to be able to successfully obtain the necessary licence or permit for the opening and operating of a catering business, as it is a public place.

Considerations for electrical and gas installations

For both electrical and gas installations, it is important that you turn to professionals who are able to analyse and predict your projected needs and recommend the proper installations in line with the physical layout of the premises and the type of service you provide.

If you are opening the business, then it is important that all installations are in compliance with SI 1988 No1057 and the electricity supply regulations 1988 (as amended). In addition, the following must also be observed: SI 1989 No 635, and the electricity at work regulations 1989 (Regulation 4 & memorandum). Annual inspection of electrical installation is also required.

All gas installations will require certification as safe by a registered Gas Safe professional technician, to ensure they are in compliance with current regulations.

Inspections of the installations in your bar or restaurant

Following the initial inspection required to obtain operating permits/licences, the gas and electrical installations will be subject to annual inspections to check that they still meet all the requirements required by the regulations for this type of commercial premises.

As the owner of a public place you have the legal and moral obligation to maintain vigilance over electrical and gas installations; but in addition to the obligatory nature, there are safety and cost reasons that make it necessary to carry out regular inspections on a voluntary basis, as well as those imposed by the local authorities.

This means that it is your obligation to keep all electrical and gas installations within the premises in good condition, check their operation and schedule periodic inspections, as well as provide adequate maintenance depending on the equipment and appliances installed in your business.

Professional maintenance

It is highly advisable to have a contract with a local provider for preventive maintenance of electrical and gas installations. For this purpose, you should contact a firm of professional commercial catering engineers, which is duly registered or accredited with the relevant bodies; for example, with the Gas Safe Register, IGEM (Institution of Gas Engineers & Managers) and the Safe Contractor scheme by Alcumus.

Not only will this ensure your gas and electrical installations remain compliant with regulations, but it will also keep them working in optimal condition, which helps keep your business running without downtime caused by faults or issues with gas or electrical installations and equipment.

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