If you’re currently running ads to cold audiences – whether that’s on Facebook, YouTube, Google Display Network or anywhere else – you need to consider where you’re sending that cold traffic.  Do you send it to your home page? Product detail page? Those options can work, but you need to test sending traffic to pre-sale content.  

What is pre-sale content?  To explain, I brought in one of the foremost experts on the subject, Lindsay Marder.  

Lindsay Marder is a self-proclaimed content marketing nerd.  She served as Managing Editor for Digital marketer for 4 years.  Now she’s working with brands to spread their missions and engage with customers.  She’s also the Co-founder of Digital Strategy Bootcamps with Molly Pittman and John Grimshaw.  

Here’s what we cover on the show:

  • What is pre-sale content?  
  • Why pre-sale engagement content is PERFECT for cold traffic, especially paid cold traffic.  
  • Real-world examples including the legendary 5 make up tips for older women – page used by Ezra Firestone and Boom by Cindy Joseph.  
  • How Third Love used pre-sale content to show women everywhere that they were putting on their bra all wrong.  
  • How do you identify topics using free Google tools and some simple online research?
  • How to let customers write your ad headlines and content headlines for you. 
  • What can you learn from 5-star and 1-star reviews from your competitor’s products (this is so brilliant).  
  • Dos and Don’ts for the page itself
  • Plus more!

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Digital Strategy Bootcamps

Mentioned in Episode:
MastermindBlue RibbonSmart Marketer
DigitalMarketer – Marketing Tools and Training
Russ Henneberry
Molly Pittman
John Grimshaw
Ryan Deiss
Tucker Max
Winepress Publishing – Publishing Happiness
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Brands To Look At:
BOOM by Cindy Joseph
ThirdLove – Bras and Underwear for Every Body
Framebridge – Online Custom Picture Frames and Art Framing
Code&Quill – Notebooks for Creatives
BLANQI Supportwear® – Nursing and Maternity Clothes

SEO Tools to Use:
Zipify Pages
Google Search Console
Ahrefs – SEO Tools & Resources to Grow Your Search Traffic
Keywords Explorer by Ahrefs – Discover Keyword Ideas and Analyze SEO Metrics
AnswerThePublic – That Free Visual Keyword Research and Content Ideas Tool

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