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Funding the Equipment You Need for Your Home Business

Funding the Equipment You Need for Your Home Business

When it comes to starting up your own home business, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is just what equipment you need. Whether your business only requires a computer and piles of notebooks, or you’re in need of something a little more complex, finding the money to start up your business is a battle that needs to be fought. While you can obtain an Uncle Buck Loan in the event of a personal financial emergency, these types of loans can’t be used for business purposes. Here, we’ve pulled together a quick guide to getting funding and making the most of the money you have. Read on to find out more!


Chances are you’ve already heard of this one, but engaging in crowdfunding can be a great way to get your hands on extra cash when you need it. Crowdfunding has brought investments to the masses, giving anyone the opportunity to ask the wider public for money and funding in advance of getting their business live. Past examples have seen businesses offering pre-orders for products, exclusive offers and other perks in return for funding, which not only helps bring in the money you might need, but it can also help you jump over the hurdle of bringing in customers long before you actually put your product or service officially live.

Tailor a Business Plan to Get Bank Funding

Of course, there is always the option of going to a bank for a loan, or to other institutions for funding. Whatever the case, you’ll undoubtedly need a good business plan to offer in order to convince them to provide you with the money you need. Make sure that you provide explanations for how the money will be used, when or how you plan on paying the money back, any other loan or debt commitments you may have alongside. You will also need to demonstrate the realistic capacity that your business could reach, what you’ll do to pay the money back if the business unfortunately fails and, of course, your credit history. When it comes to investment firms, you’ll also need to go into detail about the expected return they might get on their investment, how much influence they could have on making decisions, their shareholding percentage and any other sources of funding you have.

Buy Secondhand

If you have managed to get funding but it’s not quite enough, or you’re running entirely off of your own savings, there are plenty of ways you can cut down the initial start-up costs. One of the easiest, but often most overlooked ways to do exactly that is to buy secondhand. Whether you’re looking for a new desk to fit your home office, or extra storage space, picking up these pieces secondhand can save you a lot of money in most cases. Of course, this needs to be done within reason – if you’re thinking of starting up a childminding business, it might be best to buy new when it comes to childproofing your home, for the sake of safety and hygiene.

Only Buy What You Need

One of the biggest downfalls of any home business is buying things that you don’t need. As nice as it may seem to have a shelf filled with folders, if you know you aren’t going to use them, don’t buy them! Buying stationary in bulk is another great way to save a little extra cash, but it could turn out to be a waste of money if you don’t actually end up using the supplies you buy. Be smart with your purchases and you’ll often find you have much more money to spare.

Hopefully our tips will help you get started in finding and making the most of your home business’ funding. Whether you need a fully stocked home office, or you need to prepare your home for childminding or for dog sitting, finding the funding to help get your business off the ground could prove to be much simpler than you think.

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