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Home Office Tip: The Secret to Increasing Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Longevity

Home Office Tip: The Secret to Increasing Your Air Conditioning Unit’s Longevity

One of the worst parts of home ownership is replacing things when they stop working. Air conditioning is not an inexpensive item. That is why it is crucial as a business owner with many expenses to extend the life of an air conditioner as long as possible. Keep your home and office cool by paying close attention to the unit.

Regular maintenance and recognizing the signs of when things go wrong are all part of making sure that everything is running in tip-top shape and ensuring that you won’t have to replace your unit before it is necessary. To eliminate that late-night, after-hours or holiday repair call, do these things to keep your air conditioning working well so you can work in a comfortable office.

Know how the system works

If you don’t know how the air conditioning system works, then there is no way to know when it isn’t working as it should. Air conditioners work using an evaporator and condenser; basically, the air conditioner uses the same technology as a refrigerator to cool the air. It is tied into the air ducts of your home to deliver cold air when needed. The air conditioner is a distribution system that provides cold air to your home when the weather outside starts to heat up.

Basic maintenance needs

The best way to improve or enhance the longevity of your air conditioner is to take care of it through regular maintenance and to identify when things are going wrong – before they go seriously wrong and become highly expensive to repair. The biggest cost in an air conditioner’s functioning comes from having to make an unnecessary emergency call. Scheduling regular maintenance to keep your air conditioning system working properly is the best way to make sure that you never have to pick up the phone and pay a hefty service charge.

The best way to maintain your air conditioning is by replacing air filters. When your air filters are clogged with debris or dust, they limit the air flow that comes out of the air conditioner. A decrease in the air flow can put more wear and tear on your unit and force it to work harder than it has to. So, to improve the longevity of your air conditioner, make sure to change filters frequently to keep everything moving freely.

Professionally clean your air ducts

Another thing that can increase the work that your air conditioner performs is neglecting to have your air ducts cleaned when they are clogged with debris and dust. To keep the air in your home running efficiently and reduce restriction, it is important to have a professional air duct cleaning company scrub the inside of your HVAC system. It isn’t just about the build-up of debris or dust, either. There can also be mold developing that can add a whole new level of unhealthiness to your home.

Buy the appropriate size

Before you choose an air conditioning unit, make sure that you have an HVAC professional evaluate your home to know which one is both the highest efficiency and the best size for your home. If you choose one that is too small, then it will have to work overtime to get things cooled down. Getting the correctly-sized air conditioner is integral to not putting too much wear and tear on the system, which will shorten its lifespan, and leave you repairing it frequently – or worse, completely replacing it.

Keep it under wraps

To make sure that your air conditioning unit is safe during the colder weather months, invest in a cover to keep the snow and ice out. During the summer, ensure that there aren’t any leaves, branches, or bushes that butt up against the unit and interfere with its functioning.

Maintenance of your home and its appliances and systems is important. If you treat your air conditioning right, it will treat you right too. Take the steps to maintain it, keep it covered to keep it safe, and make sure to have your ductwork professionally cleaned seasonally to make sure that air flow remains steady and constant. If you put the prevention time in, then you probably won’t have to spend money on repairs costs or for those last-minute emergency calls.

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