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Impactful Testimonials That Increase Conversion

Impactful Testimonials That Increase Conversion

Impactful Testimonials That Increase Conversion

During the conversion stage of the marketing funnel, your prospect is looking for a reason to pull the trigger and become a customer. After interacting with your brand and sifting through the resources you have offered (such as blog posts and social media content), your prospect is now likely turning to others in order to affirm their decision. This is where testimonials come in.

Did you know that 89% of customers read online reviews and testimonials during the purchasing process? These valuable anecdotes come from previous customers and share how your product or service provided a solution to their problem. When a customer interacts with this review, they’re 58% more likely to convert and actually generate 62% more revenue.

Here’s how to secure an impactful testimonial that increases conversions, and how to effectively utilize them to boost sales for your brand.

Ask Pointed Questions

In order to be effective, it’s important for testimonials to be authentic and tell a meaningful story that sways customers to make a final purchasing decision. Not every customer is a natural storyteller, so don’t be afraid to ask targeted questions that dive into what their experience was like.

Instead of asking a question that only warrants a “yes” or “no,” keep questions open-ended. For example, instead of asking if they were satisfied with their purchase, ask them what the biggest value they received was. Inquire about the results they have seen, and what led them to make a purchase in the first place.

Use Video

While written testimonials are extremely impactful, video provides an emotional connection for your customers. They lend credibility to your brand and can be more believable than written content that can be “written by anyone.” As a plus, this kind of content is highly shareable and provides an SEO boost for your website.

Once created, don’t forget to share your testimonial video on social media and in your next email newsletter. Research has found that including video in email increases click-through rates by 300% and reduces unsubscribe rates by 75%, making it more efficient than any other kind of content.

Pair with CTAs

To make your call-to-action more compelling and actionable, include a relevant testimonial along with what you’re asking customers for. For example, if your goal is to encourage customers to sign up for your latest webinar, include a testimonial from a customer who landed a major win after participating in a past session. If you are trying to encourage customers to download a recent whitepaper, include testimonials about how reading your content has helped customers improve their own business. Just make sure to keep the testimonial you offer within context and relevant to your CTA.

Customer testimonials can have a major impact on your conversion rate and improve the way prospects view your business. By experimenting with different ways to incorporate testimonials into your communications with your audience, your brand will be able to effectively build trust and help your customers make a buying decision.

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