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Innovative Tradition — 7 British Businesses That Have Stood the Test of Time

Innovative Tradition — 7 British Businesses That Have Stood the Test of Time

According to the Federation of Small Businesses, there were a record 5.7 million private sector businesses in Britain at the start of 2017 — 99.3% of which were small businesses.

Any entrepreneur looking to start a new company will naturally want it to last as long as possible.

But longevity is dependent on many factors that are difficult to predict from the start.

However, there are a few British enterprises that have displayed superb stamina across several generations — here are seven British businesses that have stood the test of time.

1. RJ Balson & Son no

Butchers RJ Balson & Son has been bashing out bangers and black puddings since 1515.

The Bridport, Dorset business is still owned by the same family and the secret to its success is personal service, protecting a family legacy and high quality products.

2. R Durtnell & Sons

R Durtnell & Sons have been building everything from Tudor mansions to churches and schools since 1591 — so they shouldn’t disappear overnight if you hire them to complete your extension.

The Kent firm’s high-profile portfolio includes the refurbishment of Buckingham Palace in the 20th Century and The Orchard Buildings at Bedales School.

3. Mornflake

Bleary-eyed breakfasters have been munching on Mornflake oats in large numbers since the 1940s — but the firm’s oat milling activities have gone on since 1675.

The oats were originally processed for local animal feed, but their breakfast cereals are now sold worldwide.

4. Lock & Co

Lock & Co have got ahead with hats for over 340 years — first producing terrific titfers from their London base way back in 1676.

By the late 18th Century, their top hats were favoured by the aristocracy and they also sold three bicorne hats to Admiral Lord Nelson — each customised with an eyepatch.

5. Ormiston Wire

Savvy Scotsman James Ormiston founded Ormiston Wire in the City Of London in 1793 and at that point, the firm focused on producing spring wire for corsets and wigs.

They’ve since adapted their wire products for diverse applications in transport infrastructure, sculpture, the car industry and puppetry.

6. Folkes Holdings no

Folkes Holdings is the pride of the West Midlands when it comes to property development — with over 300 years of business under its belt.

It’s still operated by the same family and now has a substantial presence in the South African market.

7. Shepherd Neame

Shepherd Neame has been brewing beer in Faversham, Kent, since 1698 — but the drink has been produced in the town since at least 1147.

The firm produces 60 million pints a year, owns a host of pubs across England, exports its brews to 35 different countries and is still a family-run operation.

If you’re developing an idea for a startup, you could do worse than take a look at these long-lasting organisations.

These seven British businesses that have stood the test of time prove the power of a good value proposition.

What’s your favourite long-lasting business? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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