The newest Mailchimp update integrates smart features into the marketing platform, including AI capabilities and a suite of familiar tools.

Launched this week, the latest Mailchimp update promises smarter marketing for small businesses, including better managing and growing audiences.

All in all, Mailchimp is highlighting nine key upgrades in its latest release. Continue reading below to find out what it can do for your small business.

AI-backed Mailchimp update features

Five of the key changes in the new Mailchimp update can be grouped into the articifical intelligence category. They are:

Creative Assistant

After a few input from users, this tool automatically builds design assets. This Mailchimp update feature, the company says, is a product of the years it has spent helping small businesses stay on brand and perform better in the market.

Smart Recommendations

This feature is built for the entrepreneur and is powered by machine learning models. Recommendations it can provide include products customers are most likely to buy and the best send times for specific email campaigns.

Next Best Action

This feature gives entrepreneurs intelligence-backed and real-time dynamic recommendations for improving the performance of email campaigns.

Subject Line Helper

This tool gives users feedback in real time on word count, character count, and emoji use to improve open rates. Helping entrepreneurs more easily craft effective subject lines, this tool uses Mailchimp’s data and expertise to provide suggestions.

Personalized Product Recommendations

E-commerce users can use this tool to specify what type of products they would like to recommend in emails. Most importantly, the added control also provides more variety in this type of marketing.

Purchase Likelihood

This Mailchimp update feature is a predictive analytics tool. In other words, it forecasts which buyers are likely to be the most loyal and valuable customers in the future, using their past purchases as signals. Consequently, this gives entrepreneurs a window into the probable buying behaviour of their customers, so they can tailor their marketing better to these customers.

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Smart tools for Mailchimp

Mailchimp also announced the integration of smart tools in their newest update. These are:

Stripe Integration

This integration allows users to add a “buy” button on their site to seamlessly process payments with Stripe. Moreover, this also gives users the ability to accept payment in 41 countries and support for more than 135 currencies.

G-Suite Add-On

The new Mailchimp update also provides a way for users to purchase a G-Suite Add-On with their custom domain. In other words, this makes it easier to set up a personalized email address, as well as use the business tools made by Google.

Unsplash Integration

With this integration, users can import Unsplash images directly into the Mailchimp content they are working on.

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