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My Unglamorous Early Retirement Lifestyle

My Unglamorous Early Retirement Lifestyle

My unglamorous early retirement lifestyleAre you suffering from FIRE envy? Do you follow early retirement bloggers on social media and are jealous of their glorious no job lifestyle? You don’t have to worry about that at Retire by 40. It is spring break in Portland, but we’re just staying in town for a relaxing staycation. No exotic trip for us this week. (I took Junior to see Willow. $2 tickets, can’t beat that.) Today, I’ll share my unglamorous early retirement lifestyle and you won’t be envious any longer. I escaped the rat race, but we are still living an ordinary lifestyle. In fact, I think we live the most “normal” life out of all the FIRE bloggers I know.

Our lifestyle didn’t change much after I retired from my full time job. We live in a small home, drive a small minivan, go out occasionally, and travel a few weeks every year. That’s just like your life, right? That’s why I’m so relatable. 🙂 The only big difference is that I don’t have to go to work at the office anymore. That’s enough for me and I’m a lot happier these days even without a lot of other changes.

I follow other FIRE bloggers too and they all seem to have much more exciting lifestyles than us. They are homesteading, RVing, traveling, summiting mountains, building a custom home, sailing the seven seas, and enjoying life in exotic locations. Actually, that sounds somewhat exhausting. We live a more mundane lifestyle and it suits us just fine. Why didn’t I make a drastic lifestyle change like other FIRE bloggers? Read on…

* This is a recurring post that will show up every spring break with some minor update. RB40Jr is out of school this week so I’m taking it very easy.

Why we live a regular lifestyle

There are a few reasons why we haven’t made big changes in our lives. Let’s go through them one by one. I will make this short today because I’m taking most of this week off from blogging. RB40Jr is out of school and being a dad is job one this week. BTW, he is so happy to have a short break from school. It’s amazing how much pleasure kids derive from such a simple thing. It’s not like they’re doing much in 2nd grade.

  1. Mrs. RB40 is still working. She isn’t quite ready to retire yet. We can’t make drastic changes to our lifestyle until she retires from her full time job.
  2. Our kid is in school and we love our school district. We probably will stay in this area after Mrs. RB40 retires. My family moved every few years when I was young and I don’t want that for our kid.
  3. We like our lifestyle. Our life is pretty damn good already. After I got rid of that pesky office job, I am at a good place in life. I didn’t need to make more changes to be happier. As for Mrs. RB40, she loathes change and surprises. She prefers to stick to the things she knows. She’s happy with her life at the moment.

So that’s why we haven’t made more change. Once RB40Jr is off to college, I’d like to live in Thailand part time. That will give us something to look forward to. Meanwhile, we’re very happy with our mundane lifestyle.

My weekly schedule

So what does my early retirement life looks like? It’s actually pretty structured now that RB40Jr is in school. When I first became a SAHD/blogger, life was a lot more disorganized. It’s hard to have a set schedule with a toddler at home. Life is really good now that I have more time to myself. Anyway, here is my current schedule when school is in session.

Retire by 40 schedule

  • Family – spend time with the family, cook, meals, hang out with Junior, and general leisure time.
  • Blog (red– write, research, email, network, etc…
  • Gym – 5 times per week
  • Flex time – work, deal with rentals, chores, relax, family time, or whatever needs to be done.

On the weekdays, I drop RB40Jr off at school and go straight to the gym. Then I work on Retire by 40 until lunch time. After lunch, I relax a bit and work a bit until 2 pm. That’s when I walk to meet RB40Jr at the bus stop. Once he’s home, it’s all family time until he goes to bed.

Blogging time is pretty interesting. I publish a post on Monday and Thursday. That’s why I set aside time to work on Wednesday and Sunday nights. I need to do a final edit and work on the graphics for the post.

For spring break, all the work time during the day turns into flex time. I’ll work on the blog whenever I can. RB40Jr doesn’t have any camp or childcare during spring break. We’ll do errands, explore our new neighborhood, and take it easy. Blogging will take a backseat while I’m a full-time stay-at-home dad.

My Instagram feed

Yes, you can live vicariously through my Instagram feed. Come along on our spring break and see what we’re doing. Follow me on Instagram. Here is the latest screenshot from my feed.

retirebyforty instagram feed

  • YES! I got the cable up from the basement. #DIY for the win!
  • We met up with @TreadLightly_RE and @FrugalPharm. The weather took a turn for the worse and we had to hide from a flash hail storm under the play structure.
  • SpaPizza! I told you my Instagram feed is exciting. And yes, the spapizza was excellent.
  • Buccatini & meatballs.
  • Our cat sleeps during the day so she can stay up half the night and meow at us.
  • Nam Prik Ong – a Chiang Mai specialty. Awesome with sticky rice, fresh veggies, and pork rinds. Yummm #thaifood
  • Street art on the way to the library after I participated in a market research group.
  • Spring is here!
  • Cute houses in our new neighborhood.

This is pretty representative of my current lifestyle. These days, life mostly revolves around family, blog, gym, food, and local fun. Early retirement is good.

No need to be envious

Alright, that’s about it for today. Follow me on Instagram so you’ll have one FIRE blogger that you aren’t envious of. I cook interesting food so that’s fun.

Have a great spring break!

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