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Star Infranet CEO Anand Mishra Embraces New Challenges in Web Development

Star Infranet CEO Anand Mishra Embraces New Challenges in Web Development

An increasing number of entrepreneurs are turning to web services to make their mark in their respective industries. Although many companies are offering web development services, only a few can match the reputation Star Infranet has gained over the years. Founder and CEO, Anand Mishra, has witnessed the countless changes in the realm of web development, giving him an edge in offering the highest quality services while finding new ways to boost the online visibility of clients.

With humble beginnings as a software programmer in India, Anand Mishra has worked with many local travel companies. This allowed him to understand the need for a solid online presence. His experience, knowledge, and skills eventually led to the foundation of his own company, Star Infranet.

Today, Star Infranet is the top provider of web hosting, design, and development services in India. The company is also starting to attract a global audience, thanks to out-of-the-box thinking and creative approaches to various web development problems.

We had the privilege to ask Anand Mishra as an entrepreneur about the impressive growth of Star Infranet, the future of web development, and his advice to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Q: India is home to many web development companies. How did Star Infranet manage to set itself apart from the competition?

Crafting a customized approach gives us the edge over other web development firms. Instead of using the same strategies for all our clients, we take the time to learn about their business in order to figure out exactly what they need. From there, our web development specialists create a strategy that meets the needs and budget of our clients.

Q: What’s the role of your parent company, Tathastu Information Technology Private Limited, in the success you’re now enjoying?

Our parent company is an electronic media firm that delivers the most popular news in India. This has enabled us to reach a wide audience instantly. They provide us continuous support particularly on the marketing front, helping us become a familiar name in the web development space.

Q: The web development field sees constant changes. How are you able to keep up with all of them and continue offering the most relevant solutions for clients?

Between the ever-changing search algorithms and the shifts in the way people navigate the web, it’s always challenging to stay on top of all the changes. In Star Infranet, however, we take pride in offering innovative solutions based on what currently works. This requires a significant time investment as our specialists need to experiment with different strategies to see what brings the best results. There are no shortcuts, but we go the extra mile to keep our clients happy with our services.

Q: It’s now easier than ever to create websites. Why should clients still hire professionals to build their website for them?

While website builders and content management systems allow virtually anyone to create a website in a few clicks, working with a professional still proves beneficial especially if you want your website to stand out. It isn’t enough to have a beautiful website; you need to make sure that it’s well-optimized, contains high-quality content, and turns visitors into real customers. We cover all this to allow clients to focus on their business.

Q: What are the biggest challenges in web development right now?

There are several challenges we need to address including multi-platform applications, speeding up websites and mobile apps, and improving the overall user experience. But I think the biggest challenge lies in security. Security breaches continue to increase, but there hasn’t been a lot of changes in terms of how to make websites and mobile apps more secure. As developers, it’s our responsibility to build security into the websites and applications we create.

Q: You have dominated your local target market for years. Are there any plans to extend your web services to a global audience?

Yes, and this excites us immeasurably. After years of providing high-quality web development services, we believe it’s time for Star Infranet to cater to international clients. This presents new challenges for our firm, but with our skilled and experienced team, we’re all set to face them head-on.

Q: Many aspiring entrepreneurs hope to reach your level one day. Any advice to them?

As Anand Mishra the web developer, I learned how to work hard and master my craft. But as Anand Mishra entrepreneur, I learned how to understand the needs of other people and come up with new and effective solutions to earn their trust. The path may not be clear right now, but keep forging your way and enjoy the ride.

Thanks to Anand Mishra for taking the time to share the history of Star Infranet and how it plans to grow even bigger in the future.

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