Trends in Python: What's Hot in the Hottest Language Today

Python is arguably the programming language nowadays. We’ll explore why that might be the case, what the current trends within the Python community are, and what packages and tools you might want to get acquainted with if you don’t want to be left behind.

If you were pondering what programming language you should be investing time and effort in, you can stop searching now. It’s Python.

Alright, that was an oversimplification. Admittedly, you aren’t going to jump into a Java project that’s been in development for years just to port all that code into Python just because it’s “hot”. Programming languages are a means to an end, and you have to carefully consider the cost/benefit of adopting a given technology.

That said, when things are massively moving in a certain direction, that has to mean something. And for some time already, things have been moving towards Python.

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Hail the King

Practically every undergraduate IT class today is taught with Python — and not just computer science introduction courses offered by companies or by unversities. Even highly specialized courses on data science, AI, or quantitative finance — that not long ago would have used languages such as R, MATLAB, or C++ — are now also more often than not entirely taught in Python.

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