6 Side Hustles to Look at in 2018

Want to get an extra bit of cash alongside your normal job? Or are you just looking for something to do in your free time? Take a look at our list of the top six side hustles to take on in 2018.

1. Become a Virtual Assistant

Many small businesses and blogs always need an assistant but can’t always afford an in-house one. They will give you easy tasks to do over the day and you could earn around £1,000 a month! The tasks they ask you to do may be simple or some may need some more explaining, but it’s a great way to earn money from your own home. Some companies may even pay you enough for it to become your full-time job!

2. Babysitting

The classic. Maybe you’ve got some experience in your teens doing this for an extra bit of cash. Babysitting is still a great way to earn a bit of extra cash. Look after your friends’ kids whilst they go out for dinner. Easy. Babysitting is a great option out of the many potential side hustles you can start. People with patience, a confident air of authority and a light-hearted attitude will do well watching friends’ kids and teenagers.

3. Dog Walking

This one is for the animal lovers. Hand out a few flyers in your local area, choose a day and walk a few at a time! This is even better if you are a dog lover but don’t own a dog yourself, because you get to have all the fun of having a dog and get paid for it!

4. Start a Blog

Blogging is a great way to earn some extra money but it may take some time before you actually start earning. You can start a blog about nearly anything; you could start a blog on something you’re passionate about. Once your blog is strong and you are consistently creating quality content, companies will send you relevant products to review or pay you to add links to your articles. This is a great idea for people who have a background in either technology or writing.

5. Reselling Clothes

Many people sell their old clothes on eBay for a small profit, but recently the craze of hard-to-get fashion has taken over. The popularity of a few brands has skyrocketed in the past few years and their products sell out in seconds! If you’re lucky enough to get a t-shirt or even a key ring from the brand, you can sell it for double if not triple of what you paid for it!

6. Invest in a Franchise

Investing in a franchise sounds very daunting, but in reality it is easy to keep as a side hustle once you are up and running. The best thing about a franchise is that you are buying into something that is already working, so it wont take long for the money to start coming in! There are many well-known franchises that you will look at, such as fast food companies, but there may already be two or three in your local area, so try and think outside of the box when choosing your industry. Take a look at a care agency franchise, there may not be one in your local area. If there is a need for one in your local area, it’ll be a perfect side hustle.

Hopefully one of these ideas fuels your entrepreneurial spark and starts something big. Maybe your side hustle becomes your main job!

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