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7 elements of a persuasive pet care supplies product page

7 elements of a persuasive pet care supplies product page

You’ve been able to attract traffic to your pet care supplies site, probably through marketing and advertising. But your job isn’t done yet. Once a visitor gets to your pet care supplies product page, you still have to convince them that your product is worth buying.

Fortunately, as a pet care supplier, you have several options to do this. You can focus on:

  • Value. Highlight the price of your product and compare it to that of your competitors.
  • Quality. Persuade your visitors that this product is one of the best on the market.
  • Reputation. Prioritize the commitment of your brand to customer care and satisfaction.
  • Importance. Note how vital or urgent this particular product is for a pet’s health.

Or, your can use a collection of these and many other factors.

7 things to consider for your pet care supplies product page

It’s tough to juggle all these considerations at once, especially for multiple pet care supply pages. But you can reduce the most successful pet care supply page qualities to the following seven elements:

  1. A comprehensive description of pet care supplies.

  2. Images and video.

  3. Reviews and testimonials pet owners.

  4. Indicators of brand trust.

  5. Logical reasons to buy.

  6. An intuitive layout.

  7. Visible and persuasive calls-to-action.

Ready to see these seven elements in action? Then keep reading.

1. A comprehensive description of pet care supplies

First, your customers need to know what they’re buying. Brand transparency has become an increasingly important factor for consumer purchasing decisions, and that trend isn’t likely to go away anytime soon.

For pet owners who are obsessed with their furry companions, transparency is even more important.


Spend at least several hundred words describing what your pet care supplies are, how they’re supposed to be used, and what their benefits are. If you’re selling food or other consumable products, list the ingredients and explain how the product is manufactured. The more comprehensive you are with these details, the better. You’ll win more consumer trust and optimize for search engines at the same time.

2. Images and video

It’s hard to dispute the sheer power of visual content. Your written description might serve to logically persuade your prospective customers, but your images and video will win over their emotions.

Pro tip: Show your product in action — with dogs or cats actively using and enjoying it — and try to include multiple breeds to maximize the chance of making a direct connection to your customer.

3. Reviews and testimonials from pet owners

Pet owners care deeply about their pets and want extra assurance that your product is going to be good for them. Since your brand is incentivized to promote its own pet care supplies, the best way to provide this is with third-party testimonials.

Get some firsthand reviews and testimonials from pet owners who have used your site in the past, and make sure they’re featured prominently on your product pages.

If possible, include names, faces, and pictures of the pets using the products. This extra step adds a layer of authenticity that’s hard to compete with.

4. Indicators of brand trust

In addition to reviews, your product page should feature other indicators of brand trust, such as:

Brand history

Write a few sentences about who you are and why you care about pet care supplies. Including an image of your founder, or a personal story, can make you seem like a more invested pet lover. For example, you could talk about your own pets, or tell customers how you feel the pet care supply industry is under-serving pet owners around the country.

Voice and tone

If you’ve ever been left dumbfounded at the ambiguous tone of a colleague’s email, you’ll know how important it is to choose the right voice and tone for your pet care brand. The written word conveys far more than its literal meaning, and if you play it right, that quality could work in your favor. For example, you could adopt a casual, friendly tone to seem more approachable, or a professional, authoritative tone to demonstrate your expertise.

Trust badges

It’s also helpful to include trust badges — small icons that indicate your relationship to other brands and organizations. These subtle indications can provide a sense of relief to anyone on the fence about buying from you.

5. Logical reasons to buy

Why should someone buy your pet care product? Is their pet going to have a healthier coat? Is it going to get rid of fleas? Is it less expensive than buying from the vet? Is it shown to improve behavior?

List benefits as clearly as possible and in a way that’s easy for customers to access, such as a bulleted list.

Ultimately, your customers will be itemizing this list, line by line, while looking at the price. There needs to be some logical step that compels them to finalize the purchase, so make sure these benefits can convince them the product is worth it. Scientific research and anecdotal examples are both helpful here.

6. An intuitive layout

Visitors will have lots of information to wade through when reviewing your pet supply offer, so it pays to have an intuitive website layout. Customers should be able to easily switch between images, zoom in where appropriate, and complete the checkout process quickly.

Pro tip: It’s also helpful to have a chat window or contact page to help customers who have questions or are struggling to find what they need.

7. Visible and persuasive calls-to-action

Without a call-to-action (CTA), your product page has no grand finale. There’s no way to close the sale. This seems obvious, but you’d be amazed how many pet care supply companies unintentionally make it more difficult to buy their own products.

The first way to solve this problem is by making your CTAs more visible. Put them in an eye-catching font, with a color that stands out from the rest of your site.

If there’s room, include multiple CTAs — one at the top of your page and one at the bottom, for starters.


You’ll also want to include some persuasive, concise language on these buttons. Something like “Buy now!” isn’t specific enough. Instead, choose something that speaks to pet owners directly, like, “Get your dog’s new favorite toy!”

In conclusion

Make sure all seven of these elements are included on all your pet care supplies product pages. Each element will require further consideration and experimentation, if you want to refine them. But having the core concepts in place is a good start. Pay close attention to which of your pages fare better than others, and keep making tweaks. You never know when one small change could dramatically boost your conversion rate.

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