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America’s SBDC to Celebrate SBDC Day on March 17, 2021

America’s SBDC to Celebrate SBDC Day on March 17, 2021

Small businesses are not small in the United States. According to the data from SBA, small businesses comprise 99.9% of all firms in the US. What’s more, small businesses make 97.5% of all exporters in the country. So we can say small businesses are the growth driver of the US economy. But who drives small businesses?

Well, my friend, it is not easy to start and grow a business, especially when 32.4% of new businesses fail after the first two years of their initiation. Both the New and the established business owners need guidance, training, and support repeatedly to stay afloat. And America’s SBDC is offering the same.

SBDC is to celebrate SBDC day on March 17, 2021.

What does America’s SBDC Do?

America’s SBDC network is a collaboration, including SBA, the US Congress, the private sector, and the colleges, universities, and state governments that hold SBDCs across the nation.

If you want to receive no-cost business consulting and low-cost training, America’s SBDC is the right place to turn to. It has America’s nationwide network of Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs). With about 1,000 local centers available in the country, you can easily access helpful resources to grow your small business.

Leading colleges, universities, state economic development agencies, and private partners host small business development centers. And the United States Congress funds these SBDCs in part through a partnership with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Small business owners can get consulting and training on a variety of topics to succeed in their endeavors.

You can learn here how America’s SBDC is helping small businesses grow in the country.

What Is SBDC Day?

America’s SBDC helps business owners get started, hire the right people, find capital, and grow sales.
SBDC Day is an official statement of how America’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDCs) have helped small businesses grow in the US.

This eventful day unites SBDC centers across the country and the thousands of clients they serve to share success stories, and the impact SBDCs have on the small business community.

You can witness social media campaigns, PR initiatives, online events, and more to celebrate this special day. The fifth annual SBDC Day will take place on Wednesday, March 17, 2021.

Do you want to shower your support to the nation’s largest and most effective small business assistance network? Check here to do so!

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