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Ease Anxiety During Virtual Presentations & Throughout the Workday with SensaCalm Blankets

Ease Anxiety During Virtual Presentations & Throughout the Workday with SensaCalm Blankets

As a hardworking home business owner, do you ever feel stressed out over everything you have to manage each workday? Or, do you ever sometimes feel anxious during conference calls, virtual presentations, and online Skype meetings with employees or clients? If you do, there is a fantastic, subtle, and easy solution to ease stress and feelings of anxiety: SensaCalm‘s calming and stylish weighted blankets.

Many people have a fear of public speaking, and SensaCalm blankets are a practical (and chic!) way to keep the anxiety at bay during virtual interactions with colleagues and clients. You can subtly fold it up and keep it on your lap throughout meetings and presentations, and the weightiness will induce a feeling of calm so you can focus on your speaking points. You can also wrap up in the blanket to de-stress during work breaks!

According to the founder of SensaCalm, Donna Chambers, her grandson inspired her to create her company: “My own grandson with autism was my inspiration when the idea for SensaCalm was first born,” Donna says. “Our success is owed to the amazing people that have been part of our team over the years, not to mention the buyers that have put their trust in us sharing our name with their own friends and family. They saw the vision and they gave their best to make SensaCalm the company it is today.” 

Made in the USA, SensaCalm blankets offer an enormous amount of customization. They come in a vast array of solid colors and unique designs, like Charcoal Vines and Fuchsia (pictured below from left to right). You can also select whether or not you would like cuddly “dimples” on the fabric. Made with Polyfill to give them a comfortable pillow-like feel, the blankets are also available in a variety of weights and sizes to accommodate each person’s needs. The company also offers weighted pads for a smaller solution to ease anxiety.

Entrepreneurs will love the excellent quality and customer service, and how the blankets ship in days (not weeks or months which can be common in the industry). You also get 30 days from delivery to exchange weighted items for size/weight (in the continental U.S.). To see the entire line of blankets, visit You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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