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Emphasize These 5 Elements Within the Workplace to Get the Most Out of Your Team

Emphasize These 5 Elements Within the Workplace to Get the Most Out of Your Team

It finally happened.

Business is booming and you’re finally ready to bring on some new talent to capitalize on your current trajectory.

While there’s obviously a lot that goes on between scouting potential talent and onboarding, there’s one factor of giving your team that much-needed boost that often goes undiscussed.

That is, the total disconnect between workers and their higher-ups.

Sure, just about any business can attract new blood; however, that doesn’t mean that your workers are going to be committed to you, your company or your cause. This rings true whether we’re talking about full-timers or contract employees, by the way.

So the question remains: what do you need to do to ensure that your team performs to the best of their ability and stays focused? For starters, zero in on the following elements of your workplace first and foremost.


As noted, motivation can ultimately make or break your workers.

Some might be looking to hone their skills and further their careers. Others might have some big-picture motivators. For example, perhaps they’re providing remittance payments back home or are responsible for taking care of their family members as highlighted by the popularity of services such as Remitly.

Either way, understanding your employees’ motivations is key to understanding whether or not they’re a good long-term fit for your company. Ideally, you can hire people who are in it for the long haul versus just trying to collect a paycheck.


The concept of the office drone is certainly a depressing one, and certainly something your workers don’t aspire to be.

As such, it’s crucial to provide your workers with the opportunities to let their personalities shine and likewise acknowledge them as people. Whether that means letting them decorate their own workplace, frequent face-to-face chats or giving them a voice during meetings, don’t neglect the power of personalization.


The oft-cited statistic that 51% of employees are job hunting within their current roles is a rather telling one. Through upward movement and opportunities to expand their responsibilities, employees have fewer reasons to bounce and will likewise appreciate your confidence in them.


On a related note, trust is the cornerstone of any business relationship.

If you’re constantly hawking your employees and hovering over them, you can’t be surprised when they feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed. Ideally, you can hire people who can take the reigns without too much supervision: it’s a win-win for employers when workers don’t need to be micromanaged.


There are tons of reasons why people have issues with their bosses, but a lack of empathy is definitely one of the most significant. No CEO has ever been lauded for bullying employees or working them to their breaking points, after all. Again, listening to the desires and hardships of your workers is essential to understanding what makes them tick.

The key is to find a balance between being warm and understanding without being a total pushover. Once you foster a sense of respect among your team, you might be surprised at just how much they’re willing to perform.

Getting the most out of your new hires can be difficult, especially if your business is growing rapidly. Make sure to hire emotionally intelligent people who are hardworking and reasonable to work with. Focusing on these elements will result in less turnover and fewer headaches as you build a team that’s loyal to your company and its mission.

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