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John Lee Dumas – The Common Path to Uncommon Success

John Lee Dumas – The Common Path to Uncommon Success

Starting a business in most cases is exciting. While it comes with its own challenges, it is often just the tip of the iceberg. The major challenge comes in scaling it up. For this reason, most entrepreneurs fail within the first few years of operation. However, there’s a way to escape or avoid this, a way to success.

Smart Hustle’s Ramon Ray talked to John Lee Dumas, author of ‘The Common Path to Uncommon Success’ about how to attain success. This is regardless of the industry you’re in.


Why do so many entrepreneurs fail?

John Lee Dumas has had the pleasure of interviewing over 3000 of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world over the decade. When asked why so many entrepreneurs fail today, he had quite some insights to share.

According to John, the one thing successful entrepreneurs do is the one thing unsuccessful entrepreneurs don’t do. Successful entrepreneurs start by identifying their one big idea. Every day, they have and live in their zone of fire. Unsuccessful ones on the other hand never take that one big step, they never identify their big idea. Instead, they look at successful entrepreneurs and feel the need to imitate what they are doing.

However, according to John, “nobody wants a pale imitation of success. They want the individual snowflake amazing person that you are to actually sit down for once in your life, take a break from all the noise, and identify that big idea that’s living inside you.”

If you have a unique idea, you can wake up every day and live in your zone. The world needs more people living in their zone and less in misery. We need fewer people doing things that they don’t want to do but have to just because they found themselves in that situation.

Can people who are not in the content-making world have that ring of fire?

So, can people who are not in the content world that is people like doctors, lawyers, accountants, and the likes have that one big idea?

John says “100%, not everybody needs to be everything to all people. When you try to resonate with everybody you’ll truly resonate with nobody.” In short, regardless of your niche, you need to identify that one thing you’re good at.

John says there’s one way to ensure that you’ll achieve that level of uncommon success that you want and that you’re worthy of. That is to become the number one best solution to a real problem. Everyone looks for the number one.

When you become number one, you’ll win in this world. When you become the 10th best or 300th best solution, no one will care. No one wants the second best. When you’re the best, they’ll find the path to your door because people want the number one best solution.

Should people who are not in the business of creating content get into it somehow?

Some people work in industries that would typically not involve content creation, but should they get into it? How do they make themselves known?

According to John, you need to create your avatar. Your avatar is that perfect client, your perfect customer or consumer, your perfect listener. Once you have established who that is, you need to spend your marketing or advertising budget on them. That’s where you need to be, and this is something that translates to any niche. It will work for you.

What’s ‘The Common Path to Uncommon Success’ all about?

John says, “it is the culmination of the 3,000 interviews I’ve done over the past decades with the world’s most successful entrepreneurs.”

“Try not to become a person of success but try to become a person of value-Albert Einstein.”

John sat down and identified 17 core foundational principles that all successful entrepreneurs share. He then created a 17-step road map to financial freedom, with the end being fulfillment. This book is very practical and delivers valuable information. It is meant for anyone looking to be more successful. You can get it and learn more on

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