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Life as a Sports Betting Affiliate

Life as a Sports Betting Affiliate

Some of the best ideas for a home business are the ones you didn’t know existed, and a career as a sports betting affiliate is almost certainly one of those. Sports betting companies since the dawn of time have thrived on word of mouth: That reliable tip you get in a bar that makes you put money on a horse, a friend or colleague who gives you a tip on a football team, an analysis of a basketball side that looks like a watertight win. There’s no denying it, the Internet has turned the tipping industry from a local to a global phenomenon, with billions of dollars at stake.

These days sports betting companies are willing to pay, and pay well, for referrals from people who can encourage others to place a bet. Using their system, if you can demonstrate that what you said online resulted in a bet being placed on a sports event, you can earn a commission on that and all future bets made through that tip. Sometimes at rates of up to 50%.

The amount of money you can earn depends on the site you choose. Betting Gods [] offer up to $8 per referral to their free service, and up to 50% of all bets a person makes for life if they sign up as a paid member. Clearly, then, there is a lot of money to be made in the industry, and the betting companies can afford it. In a large developed market like the United Kingdom, the sports betting market is worth $12bn a year [] – and targeting those who don’t bet, or bet infrequently, is the key to growing that figure.

As a sports betting affiliate, you primarily work from home. The vast majority of your business is done online through various social channels, including Twitter, Facebook, comments sections on websites, sports sites and more, and you can do that anywhere you like. There is also the prospect of travel to exotic locations. Sports betting is a glamorous industry that likes to put on a show, and conferences are held in cities such as Miami, Las Vegas, London, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and many more. These conferences are your eyes and ears in the industry, so going along is a great advantage, as you’ll get the latest on the best tips and tricks, as well as the best deals on commission and much more.

There are no entry requirements, and absolutely anybody can become a sports betting affiliate by signing up to a scheme. However, to make a living from the industry or even serious money, you need to have dedication and a flair for sports betting yourself. The best affiliates in the industry are active across all forms of social media, and are minor celebrities themselves, with YouTube channels that get hundreds of thousands of hits, over a million Twitter followers, and thousands of fans on Facebook.

People will follow an active affiliate for many reasons. The best ones have a great personality and a clear passion for their chosen sports, an engaging style and a commitment to constantly update their pages and profiles. However, people mostly follow tipsters who help them win. To be successful, you’ll have to know your chosen sports inside and out, as well as the major players or teams, their statistics, and the best bets for each and every game you cover. Keeping up is a full-time job, and your fans may have hundreds or thousands of dollars riding on your predictions.

So, if sports are your life, and you’re a dab hand at social media (and a specialism in statistics won’t hurt either!), life as a sports betting affiliate could be for you. You’ll get the chance to make money from anywhere, and you’ll be involved in an enviable industry – but it can be hard work and requires a full-time commitment to be able to command the kind of following that will earn you the big bucks.

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