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Love Superheroes? NetSuite Takes It Up a Level with New Superhero Series [The Origin of Captain Finance]

Love Superheroes? NetSuite Takes It Up a Level with New Superhero Series [The Origin of Captain Finance]

Superheroes can wear capes, and then some don’t. Some are always on the frontline every day fighting the forces of evil. And some battle all the challenges that small businesses face every day. Regardless, NetSuite through their new series Superheroes of Finance celebrates both groups of superheroes – plus the incredible artistry and depth of story will make both Marvel and DC comics shake with jealousy.

To start off, the men and women in the finance team are some of the heroes that hold the business together.  While handling the cash flow of a business sounds prestigious, the work isn’t as fancy. The finance team puts a lot of work into managing the acquisition of these funds. They make sure there’s enough to meet the day-to-day operations and that the organization is paid in good time.

So, to be more precise, this NetSuite series is an homage to the finance team. It celebrates them for understanding the past and keeping the business functioning at present. It also celebrates their ability to prepare the business for opportunities for growth that may come in the future.

Today, we’re introducing you to Captain Finance. 

So, what’s Captain Finance all about?

The story revolves around Jen Ledger who was the daughter of two Olympians turned CPAs.

“At the tender age of 8, Jen was already a business genius. She mastered the automated close by age 9 but when her parents were lost to a terrible spreadsheet-related incident, Jen swore to put an end to spreadsheets and manual data entry forever,” says the NetSuite narrator.

Already intrigued? We thought so. 

“How was Jen a business genius at such a tender age,” you may ask. Well, she had a lemonade stand except at just eight, she had already transformed it into a 40-store operation. Her stores were operating in three states and she managed to achieve this by:

  • Closing a gap in the lemon supply chain
  • Coming up with a lemon drink for the colder season
  • Writing an app for making orders complete with loyalty discounts that you could use during the hottest summer months

While in her freshman year, she already enjoyed a national ranking as a junior gymnast. It was her queer agility that left many stunned as she seemed to defy the strong forces of gravity. She simply went against all sorts of human flexibility limits. It doesn’t end there!

By 17, Jen already had master’s degrees in both math and business. Having graduated from the prestigious Fiduciary University situated in Reconcile, Nebraska, she was unstoppable. By the time she was 19, Jen was already an advisor to Warren Buffet on matters of investment. She would also give Jimmy Buffet advice on merchandising and Golden Buffet on different menu changes.

More on the loss of her parents

Jen’s parents were Sebastian (Seb) and Nomina Ledger. The two took Jen along with them while they worked as consultants for a new client’s major project. The client, Opacity City, Inc had been thrust into a sprawling Excel spreadsheet mess. This, following a series of acquisitions, some new business ventures, and subsidiary launches. It was Seb and Nomina’s job to make sense out of the massive mess.

In one of the sheets, the two found a string of formulas that went all the way to row 1,048,577. This was a row that was undoubtedly beyond your usual Excel limits. The two, unaware of the looming danger opened the cell and suddenly disappeared. This left them with only one way to communicate, that was through the spreadsheet, and in code.

Being the genius that Jen was, she quickly interpreted this code and managed to read the messages her parents had so desperately sent. As if she didn’t already have too much misfortune to deal with, a rather sinister force took the problem from bad to worse. It installed an Easter egg in the very same spreadsheet Jen’s parents were trapped in.

Jen had to stop it because otherwise, it would spill over to the lower cells and then spread to the rest of the spreadsheets on the planet. This would mean all businesses would be grounded and even worse all finance teams on earth would be banished to the same dimension.

As would be expected, Jen got straight to work, building pivot tables and rewriting different formulas. She was finally able to delete this unusual row, however, it meant that her parents were trapped forever. She would never see them again and that’s how she swore to eliminate spreadsheets. Her goal became to free finance teams of the hectic process of manual data entry.

A light at the end of a tunnel

 “Meanwhile, the Cumulons who had eradicated inefficient financial processes on their own planet had been watching earth and knew Jen was the only human who could save it from impending business collapse, “says the narrator in the preview. 

Right after Jen had vowed to do her part to ensure no one else in the finance team would face the same fate as her parents, something extraordinary happened. There was suddenly a flash of light together with a billow of smoke. Three figures whose appearance resembled the clouds emerged.

They introduced themselves to Jen and warned her of just how much danger her planet was in. Planet Earth was on the verge of a huge business collapse that would bring the economies of even the strongest nations down. This was a result of the following reasons:

  • Inaccurate forecasting
  • Siloed systems
  • Currency manipulation
  • Manual data entry mistakes

Since the same thing had almost happened to their planet, it was a path they were all too familiar with. Jen was perplexed. Moreover, they added that she was the only one who could save the planet from the looming tragedy. Since they had managed to overcome it, they offered to train Jen on how to go about it. 

Although overwhelmed, Jen rose to the challenge. She stepped into the cloud and was teleported to the Cumulus planet where she was trained for years. They shared their centuries of business knowledge and technology with her. 

While there she was fascinated by how these aliens had achieved an impeccable 2000 straight quarters of growth. They managed this through methods that included:

  • Data analysis
  • Predictive modeling
  • Cloud computing
  • Security infrastructures
  • Advanced technologies like X-ray vision to grasp insights better than an ordinary CFO

“Now, disguised as a mild-mannered auditor, Jen uses her newfound powers to help businesses unlock the secrets to growth as Captain Finance,” says NetSuite. 

She worked at a firm called Snap Taurus alongside Jack Fazbee and Irma P. Brand.  

This Superheroes of Finance series from NetSuite is like no other. It’s a must-watch and through it, you will get new-found respect for people in business. It highlights just how far business leaders will go to steer their companies forward. 

These leaders have been able to tap into their inner superpower especially in the past year. What a great idea to celebrate them than in both comics and the real world! Every month Netsuite unveils a new superhero and this month, it’s Captain Finance!


Sophie Atieno has been working in marketing and communications for four years. She has experience working in the advertising and health industries mostly performing digital marketing roles for the organizations she has worked for. She is also a freelance copy and content writer and has been blogging for over four years. In her free time, she enjoys filming and video editing. Her most recent position was as the digital manager at a social and digital marketing agency in Nairobi, Kenya.


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