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Three New Books To Check Out – Doubt, Success and Mindset

Three New Books To Check Out – Doubt, Success and Mindset

The journey to business success is fraught with potholes, cliffs, valleys, and mountains to scale. Many of these challenges are inside of us. Not lack of cash flow. Not a need for better marketing. But the battles of our mind. Three books I’ve recently read helped to realign my mindset towards success. They will help you too.

What Story Do You Tell Yourself

Marc Pitman - The Surprising Gift of Doubt

Marc’s book is all about removing the labels that others have given you or that you have given yourself and giving YOU the freedom to write your own story. So many times we focus on the negatives of our past, the negatives of our current state, but we’re not able to break free to reach our true potential.

Part of what holds us back is doubt. It’s fear.

As leaders, we have people who depend on us for their success, whether we like it or not.

If we’re going to be exceptional leaders and help others, we need to fix ourselves.

Marc talks about how leaders get STUCK. They have some level of success then go backward to doubt.  Instead, Marc encourages us and shows us how to unlock our potential to leverage what others day, leverage our experiences, and leverage our own thoughts to maximize our success.

I think about my own internal “deficiencies”. I know I spell horribly, I’m impulsive and I speak to fast. Oftentimes, these things gnaw at me. However, I’m slowly learning to embrace these “gifts” and leverage them as assets for success.

Marc Pitman, “The Surprising Gift of Doubt” – Use Uncertainty to Become the Exceptional Leader You Are Meant to Be

Choose Results over Reasons

Julie Pimsleaur - Go Big NowJulia’s “Go Big Now” really hit home. She talks about how often times our reasoning stops us from moving forward. For example, let’s say that you really want to grow your profits this year. You’re paying yourself $75,000 a year but you want to pay yourself $125,000. You laugh inside and realize you’re not smart enough, or savvy enough, or gifted enough to do it. You keep telling yourself all the REASONS why you can’t break that barrier.

“Go Big Now” gives you the tools (or best practices) to change your thinking and not let fear – or reason – hold you back.

She mentions how the reticular activating system, located in the base of the brain,  is the interpreter in our minds. Guess what – it can be trained. We can control it.

Another gem, out of so many in Julia’s books is the power of feelings. While our goals may change, but won’t change is our feelings. What feelings are important to you, that you want to experience in life?

Julia Pimsleur, “Go Big Now” – 8 Essential Mindset Practices to Overcome Any Obstacle and Reach Your Goals

Success Is Easy (Sort Of)

The Uncommon Path to Uncommon Success - John Lee DumasJohn’s book gives his simple playbook for how business owners, and in particular coaches, consultants, and information professionals can use content to grow their businesses. (and more!)

If you’re a coach, consultant, author or anyone who makes a living with your mind, The Common Path to Uncommon Success is your PERFECT road map.

John doesn’t give some academic mambo jumbo, but his book lays out precisely what YOU need to do to grow your business.

John’s clear advice includes the power of going niche and knowing WHO you are serving.  He also writes about the IMPORTANCE of having a mentor and getting input from others. The next chapters dive into the specific tactics and strategies of using content to build your business and make money.

Whether you’re new to content or have been very experienced in it – John’s book is a MUST read for sure.

John Lee Dumas “The Common Path to Uncommon Success


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