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Use the Free uListing WordPress Plugin to Build a Powerful Business Listings Site Sponsored

Use the Free uListing WordPress Plugin to Build a Powerful Business Listings Site Sponsored

Running a listing-based website can be both fun and lucrative. But traditionally, leveraging this type of platform to list real estate, jobs, automobiles or classified ads has been cumbersome and expensive. Building this type of site with WordPress meant investing a good bit of money in multiple plugins, while attempting to make all of these different pieces work together.

uListing is here to change that narrative. This free WordPress plugin from Stylemix Themes offers powerful functionality, fine-grain control, along with a simple drag-and-drop UI. Crafting a professional listings site has never been easier or more cost-effective.

Indeed, uListing includes features that go well beyond what you’d expect from a free plugin. Take a look and see for yourself!


A Complete Solution

uListing has been built from the ground up to provide all of the functionality and flexibility you need in one, easy-to-use package. From custom listings all the way to accepting online payments, it’s all here.

Create Custom Listing Types in Minutes

No matter which types of listings your site requires, uListing makes setup a breeze. Add custom listing attributes to correspond with your specific needs. Plus, create search forms, result listings, single listing pages and more. Best of all, you can add as many custom listing types as you like.

uListing custom listing type screen.

Monetize Listings

Create a revenue stream for your website with uListing’s built-in eCommerce functionality. Add various pricing plans that offer value to customers and accept online payments through PayPal or Stripe. There’s no need to deal with third-party shopping carts – everything you need to get started is included!

User-Friendly UI

uListing makes it easy for content creators get things done. On the back end, the Vue.js-powered plugin allows for drag-and-drop simplicity and lightning-quick speed. You’ll get more done in less time.

uListing layout builder screen.

Control the Process

Don’t want to provide access to the back end? You don’t have to! uListing enables users to manage their account and listings through the front end. Plus, you’ll find a number of settings that enable you to tweak things to meet your exact specifications.

Powerful Custom Search

Visitors to your site can find exactly what they’re looking for, thanks to uListing’s advanced custom search features. Users will be able to filter results via criteria that you set.

Filtering listings on the front end.

Go to the Next Level with uListing Addons

uListing provides the foundation for a highly-customized listings site. But it doesn’t stop there. Through the use of some powerful (and incredibly affordable) addon plugins, you can take your site even further.


Create payment plans that are both convenient and flexible. With the Subscription addon, you can offer recurring payments, featured listings and even limit the number of listings for subscribers. It’s everything you need to integrate professional payment options into your site.

uListing Subscription addon.

User Roles

With the User Roles addon, you’ll have fine-grain control over what users can and can’t do on your website. Create an unlimited number of WordPress user roles and assign a listing limit to them. Add custom fields to roles to collect more relevant user data. You can even moderate listings before they are published.

uListing User Roles addon.


One of the core features of a great listing site is the ability to compare multiple items. With the Compare addon, visitors will be able to view multiple listings side-by-side, helping them to make the right choice. Plus, you can set exactly which fields appear within the comparison.

uListing Compare addon.

Combined, all three addons bring robust features and cost as much as a few cups of coffee!

Get Started with uListing

uListing relieves designers of both the pain and cost associated with building a top-notch listings site. Just by installing this free WordPress plugin, you’ll have a huge head start on the competition.

And you’ll also have access to an incredible array of features that let you offer virtually any type of listing you can imagine. Plus, the built-in eCommerce capabilities will enable you to start monetizing your site right away.

Install uListing today and see how easy it is to build the listings site of your dreams.

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