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Why Google Home Is the Perfect Gift for Employees

Why Google Home Is the Perfect Gift for Employees

Are you looking for a gift for one of your employees? Whether to reward employees for great work, keep them happy and motivated, or give gifts for birthdays, this can be a difficult task. The struggle ends with Google Home. In this article, we will discuss some reasons why Google Home is a wonderful present to give to a member of your staff or anyone for any occasion.

Here are some valuable features of Google Home that your valued employee will surely enjoy:

1. It controls your smart home products

Google Assistant supports many smart home products from different brands like LG, GE, Nest and Whirlpool, among many others. You can ask a Google Home to change the temperature, dim the lights, turn on the music, turn on the microwave and many other requests. You can easily control your smart home appliances with this.

2. It reminds you to work out

This product is indeed perfect for those who love to exercise and even those who do not want to exercise as this reminds you when it is time for your workout.

3. It allows you to make hands-free calls

Wouldn’t it be convenient to be able to attend to your calls while doing other things in the house – without even picking up your phone? Well, with Google Home this is possible – you can make hands-free calls at any time.

4. It can set up your daily schedule and remind you about it

This device can arrange your daily schedule and you can ask it to remind you a few hours or minutes before the scheduled time. This is indeed perfect for busy people who have very hectic day-to-day schedules.

5. It can share a story

You can even ask your Google Home to tell a story! This is perfect for a household with children who are always ready to listen to a story.

6. It can speak in various languages

Google Home is capable of speaking different languages including English, French, Italian, Japanese or German. It is versatile! Google Assistant on tablets and phones has even more languages to choose from.

7. It can be your own directory to find local handymen, plumbers or others

Finding local handymen, plumbers or other professionals you need around the house has been made easy with Google Home. You can simply say “Google, find me a plumber” and it will show helpful results within your area. Google has local-business recommendations that have been screened by Google and companies like Porch and HomeAdvisor.

8. It can help you in the kitchen

This device can give you lists of recipes to help you cook or bake. And not only that, you can also ask questions like “how many tablespoons in a cup” or other things about cooking.

9. It can remind you to watch your favourite TV shows

Sometimes you watch so many TV shows, movies, Netflix shows and others that you can no longer keep up with the schedules. Well, Google Home can remind you when it’s time to watch your favourite shows. This way, you are always up-to-date with your shows, avoiding any spoilers when you check out your social media accounts.

10. It plays white noise while you sleep

Another lovely feature of Google Home is that it can play white noise while you sleep, making you feel more relaxed. You can set a timer to ensure that it turns off at a certain time.

With all these features of Google Home, there is no doubt that your employee will love it. So no need to look further; buy Google Home at Harvey Norman now!

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