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24 Ways To Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

24 Ways To Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

On today’s Smart Hustle Growth Tips room on ClubHouse, Ramon Ray, hosted a lighting panel discussion with Jon Ferrara, CEO of Nimble, and Mark Tina, Executive Director of Verizon Business. They shared that business owners need to sell less and seek to serve more. Instead of seeking ways to sell more, we should build a RELATIONSHIP and become a trusted advisor. Then we earn the right to be “top of mind” in our customer’s minds.

Two business owners also joined the discussion, Sherry Darden (CEO growth strategist) and Ginger Conlon (fitness trainer)

Tips from today’s discussion included:

  1. People buy from people
  2. Don’t sell, serve
  3. Act as an advisor
  4. Earn trust
  5. Make memories out of moments
  6. Focus on customer success
  7. Social media is bringing us back to a small village
  8. Have shared contacts at your company, so contacts are not scattered all around. Have a solid contact database accessible by your team members
  9. Is your CRM tied into your phone system?
  10. If you’re not participating where your prospects and customers are participating, to give your knowledge away, you’re missing out
  11. Stop talking about yourself so much
  12. Say thank you – with a paper thank you card
  13. Use the phone – call people
  14. Social media is great to build your brand at scale – BUT you have to bring it down to something more solid at some point.
  15. It’s ok to recommend your competition – you’ll build a sustainable garden of trust, referrals, and more.
  16. Servant leadership is important
  17. Understand the needs of your employees
  18. Offer a hand to help instead of a hand to take
  19. When you start talking grab your WASTe – Why Am I Still Talking
  20. Focus on the customer experience, not just the sales
  21. Linked in marketing is great but ask how can we serve each other instead of just how can you serve me.
  22. Just because there is automation, doesn’t mean you have to use it
  23. Share articles that resonate about you with your audience
  24. Build connections with the other thought leaders


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