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4 essential Twitter tips for businesses

4 essential Twitter tips for businesses

Many business owners wonder about the benefit of having a presence on Twitter. They want to know if it’s worth the time to post content on another social media platform. We say, it’s important for businesses to be on Twitter! There’s a ton of opportunity for businesses to build relationships with new customers and current fans.

Twitter users are on the platform to get information and news, start and join conversations and connect with the brands and businesses they love. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to engage with consumers on one of the key social media platforms they use every day.

Here are the 4 essential Twitter tips you need to interact with your customers, get in front of new audiences, extend your customer service and build your following.

1. Tweet original content

We hear from a lot of business owners that they are on Twitter, but they don’t know what to tweet. Tweet to tell the story of your business!

If you tweet original content at a regular cadence, you can get Twitter users excited about what you offer your community. Here’s how you can get organized to tweet original content:

  • Set up a content calendar and plan out your tweets. 
  • Plan to tweet about 2-3 times a day.
  • Use a service like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets for the week or month.
  • Use Twitter analytics to see how your tweets are performing.
  • Mix up the kinds of things you’re tweeting to boost your engagement. 

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Here are some great content ideas for Twitter:

  • Post photos of your product and services.

  • Share information about events, giveaways and specials. (And, use hashtags like #thirstythursday to increase your reach!)

  • Ask your followers questions. (You can use Twitter’s poll feature!)
  • Share relevant tips or facts about your industry.
  • Post user-generated content. In other words, when other users are tweeting about your business — retweet/quote tweet that content and thank them!

2. Retweet other users

When you retweet other Twitter users, they will get a notification that you shared their content. Retweeting content is a great way to start building community and building up your follower base. Plus, retweets from other users make your feed look more interesting and varied.

Hit retweet on tweets…

  • Containing user-generated content about your business
  • From people in your local community
  • About your local area
  • Relevant to your industry
  • That play to your businesses’s voice and brand
  • About supporting small and local businesses

It’s also a good idea to quote tweet. When you hit the retweet button, there’s an option for you tweet to “Add a comment…” This is your chance to add  your own voice into the mix. Here, you can share commentary about the original post, tag a friend, customer or business, add a hashtag or give more context for why you’re sharing this content on your page.

Using both retweets and quote tweets will add interesting elements to your feed and let your followers know that your actively sharing content on Twitter. Your followers will be more likely to post content about your business because they know you’ll share it with your followers.

Note: You can also “like” tweets by tapping the heart icon. Find tweets that you enjoy or find interesting. It’s an easy way to let users know that you appreciate their content!

3. Use hashtags effectively

Twitter users use hashtags in their tweets to join in on conversations occurring on the platform. Get in on the conversations!

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Check out the Trends list on your homepage to find out what people are talking about, and use hashtags in your tweets to get them in front of more people.

Research the hashtags and terms people are using in your local community. It’s an effective way to find new customers who are tweeting nearby!

4. Manage your community

More customers are turning to Twitter to voice their concerns, ask questions and raise customer service issues about brands and businesses. And, they’re waiting for you to respond … quickly. In fact, customers are more likely to contact you on social media with a question rather than picking up the phone and giving you a call.

76% of consumers are likely to recommend a brand after receiving friendly customer service from them on Twitter.

Here’s your community management checklist:

  • Check your notifications tab every day.
  • Respond to questions, concerns, comments. Use the quote tweet or reply function to handle these requests. 
  • Monitor and respond to all direct messages.
  • Tweet positive customer interactions to show off your excellent customer service!

We can manage your online presence to help you deepen your ties to the community and drive new business on Twitter. 

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