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5 Little Things That Can Seriously Improve the Quality of Startup Founder Life

5 Little Things That Can Seriously Improve the Quality of Startup Founder Life

If you are a startup founder most probably you’ve already heard this famous line – the quality of your life defines the quality of your startup.

When you find yourself in a negative thinking loop, when you can’t concentrate, when you are overstressed and lacking focus, be sure, your startup reflects it like a mirror.

When you feel confident despite the uncertainty, when you approach every challenge from the place of curiosity, when you face downs with courage, your startup gets stronger.

Now, there’s no way any of us, including you, dear founders, can avoid the pain, but while pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Below are the 5 little things that are used by most successful founders to improve their lives on a daily basis.

1. Feed your mind with healthy food.

This means being aware of triggers (i.e. reading news in the morning is a sure negativity trigger), creating healthy information boundaries (because you only have one head and it is not a trash can), blocking meditation and nothing time on your calendar (because if you can’t sit with yourself, how can you sit with anything or anyone else), read (a lot, but not magazines), journal (this is the way to give your thoughts meaning and form).

2. Feed your body with healthy food.

This means you shall be aware of products you consume on daily basis. Be creative with your diet, try new recipes, treat yourself well. Here it is essential to apply radical acceptance, radical ownership, and radical love.

3. Sleep.

Know your power hours – utilize them for work and creative activities. Be aware of the time when you are less naturally concentrated when you tend to dive into mindless internet searches or series watching – instead use them for sleep.

4. Exercise.

Because you deserve to be fit and energized. And without a proper daily exercise routine, it will hardly be possible. Don’t tell – yeah, I know, I need to start going to the gym – instead, buy a Peloton or whatever else you prefer and start physically upgrading yourself one exercise at a time.

5. Listen.

And listen, like you mean it. Above all – listen to yourself. Understand your mood swings, your habits, your most sacred wishes, understand what you are saying that isn’t heard, and what you are silent about that needs to be said. Understand yourself first, then do your best to understand others.

This is it. As always, simple, not easy.

These little things will help you enhance your health, wealth, presence, body, and mind.

Apply accordingly.

Source: Thrive Global