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5 Reasons Why SEO Is Important for Small Businesses

5 Reasons Why SEO Is Important for Small Businesses

If your business is online, you’ve probably heard about how important SEO marketing can be. When you’re a small business, however, it can be difficult to know where to best invest your money. While it can be scary to invest in something you’ve never tried before, you’d be surprised how successful proper SEO marketing can be for your business.

Why Invest in SEO Marketing?

There are a variety of reasons you may want to invest in SEO marketing. For one, it’s vital to be able to give your clients a high-quality user experience when they visit your website. If your website is difficult to navigate or understand, they may choose a competitor. Alternatively, if your website is a great experience and easy to understand, those same clients will choose your business and often tell others about the great experience. Secondly, SEO marketing is vital if you want to be one of the top results in search engines such as Google or Bing. If you’re choosing not to use SEO marketing, you’re choosing not to be a top result and will consequently lose out to customers.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest

Now that we know how important SEO tactics can be — especially since proper SEO marketing can be used to attract customers even while you sleep! — let’s take a look at the top five reasons small businesses should be utilizing SEO marketing.

Increase Your Reach: Whether we want to admit to it or not, we trust the results we get when we google a question. If you’re choosing between a company that’s listed first or a company that’s listed on page 2, you’re more likely to trust the one that’s featured first. When your website is easy to find, you’ll find your traffic can increase tenfold.

Enjoyable User Experience: At the end of the day, SEO marketing is largely about giving users a fast and friendly experience. When people are taken to a website that offers exactly what they were looking for, they have a much better experience and will associate that experience with your business.

Increase Brand Awareness: When people are looking to hire a company or access a business, they tend to do plenty of research. If your business is coming up time and time again in their search results, this will really drive home the message that you’re the local expert. Being a top result continuously will work to build your brand and spread it around the community.

Conversion Potential: There is one very large difference between traditional marketing and SEO: In traditional marketing, you’re doing a song and dance to try to attract anybody to your business. With SEO marketing, you’re providing information to people who are already looking for your type of business. For example, if you own a shop that repairs vacuum cleaners, SEO marketing can help you target locals who are already looking to get their vacuum cleaner repaired. Because of this difference, SEO marketing will put you well on your way to converting that potential visitor to a verified customer.

Gain Valuable Insight: Proper SEO optimization will bring a new wave of potential clients to your website. Once you’ve got that new wave of people, you’ve also got a new wave of valuable information. When utilizing features such a Google Analytics, you can find out what keywords they’re using to find you, their location, and even how much time they spent on each page of your website. Once you know all this information, you can tailor your customer experience in order to get a higher return on your investment.

Adam White, who is the founder of SEO Jet, has researched thousands of backlinks from #1 ranked pages to understand natural backlink profiles. Whether you’re hiring a professional or choosing to do it yourself with software like SEO Jet, SEO marketing can help grow your business; however, it’s important that when you do it yourself, you do it right. Proper SEO marketing can help your small business boom, so what are you waiting for? Optimize your website, gain new customers, and start growing your business today!

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