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Alternative Career Choices Which Can Result in a Big Profit

Alternative Career Choices Which Can Result in a Big Profit

The humdrum of trudging out the door to a long commute that leads to a sedentary day spent in a stuffy office is not the caricatural standard anymore. Corporate life is no longer the only option it used to be for most people with little-to-no money to launch a business. Now, those with an entrepreneurial fire can partake in at-home positions that offer them the fulfillment of boss life and can be considered small businesses in their own right. Here are five viable alternative career options you can consider launching to make bigger profits on your own terms.

WordPress Assistant

Assist editors around the world on managing their blogs! Many editors have to juggle various hats, including corresponding with public relations companies, emailing contributing writers about their pitch requests, assigning stories to staff and even setting up social media placements. Smaller websites usually need more help keeping up with updating the website, and you can work as a virtual WordPress assistant by logging in each day, editing existing posts for grammar and optimizing them for SEO purposes, and adding new articles to the website. You can train yourself by watching tutorials online, then join job sites like Upwork or Freelancer to get yourself connected with employers.

Errand Runner

Busy executives and CEOs of companies may have assistants at the workplace they turn to for administrative organization, but need more help with keeping up on their personal lives. As an errand runner, you will be in direct correspondence with your employer(s) throughout the week and run errands that may involve picking up groceries, dropping off mail, getting their car washed, etc. Depending on how much they trust you over time, you may be assigned private errands such as picking up prescriptions. You have the potential to make good money as an errand runner if you are hardworking and honest.

Dog Walker

Getting outdoors each day with furry friends is truly a positive way to burn calories, get some vitamin D, and make solid income. Dogs are often bought or adopted and left inside due to owners not realizing how much care they need. Daily walks help prevent aggressive behavior, and owners will gladly hire someone to fit in that 20-minute jaunt around the neighborhood each day. If you can get a solid list of 20-30 customers, you have the opportunity to make a great part-time or full-time income each week.

Online Better

If you enjoy the thrill behind testing the waters and risking small amounts of money for potential big wins, online betting can be an enjoyable and lucrative part-time job. Smart entrepreneurs allocate an amount each week that can reasonably fit in their budget, and will tap out should they incur losses. One category of online betting fits those with an acute knowledge of sports, an understanding of the strength of the players and a little fortune on their side. There are online sites that cater to various audiences for their betting purposes. For example, if you live in Australia, you can search for nrl betting opportunities and try your hand on big wins. This ‘side hustle’ is particularly easy to maintain as you can set your own schedule. Just remember to bet responsibly, keep a calculative mindset and be careful with your finances.

Rent Your Car

Have an extra car gathering dust in the garage? Perhaps you live in a city where most places are easily accessible via metro or bus. Renting out your car on apps like DriveMyCar, Turo or HyreCar is a simple way to earn quick income throughout the week, without doing very much work. This is a viable source of passive income for many people. It may help to partner with a family member or significant other, as a great way to earn extra is through charging a delivery fee. You will need someone else to drive to the location of the customer in order for you to have a ride back home. Smart practices would be to have water bottles and mints available in the center console and a working AC and heater to keep drivers comfortable.

These five alternative gigs can give you an idea of the vast array of opportunities out there for people to work on their own terms. Assess your skills and future plans, decide which career type will fit your ideal lifestyle and start making moves toward attaining your dream!

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