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BigCommerce Enables Small Business Owners to Sell Online Quickly and Easily 

BigCommerce Enables Small Business Owners to Sell Online Quickly and Easily 

Customers have become increasingly comfortable buying things online, but many small businesses still have yet to cater their business to this option. In fact, 36% of small businesses still don’t have a website, let alone selling products/services online. 

Lack of experience, ability, and expertise to launch an offline business online often hold small business owners from building their eStores. And all of those having eCommerce stores are not equally effective at driving traffic to their stores, making eye-catching storefronts, selling on multiple online channels, etc. 

However, with BigCommerce, you can quickly launch your store online and grow it with ease. 

Here are some key features that make BigCommerce a powerful tool to make your online store up and running.  

1- Quick Setup of Your Online Store 

A big reason why small business owners postpone taking their store online is that it is seemingly time-consuming to build an eStore. And for those who have zero knowledge of coding, it seems an uphill battle. 

However, BigCommerce helps small business owners get an online store up and running quickly and easily. And the best part is, you don’t require to have coding knowledge. 

Whether it is moving online from offline or making quick storefront changes, BigCommerce’s page builder makes things easier for small business owners with zero coding knowledge. Its intuitive drag-and-drop design helps merchants build their stores faster and make storefront adjustments quickly. 

Furthermore, you can preview everything before publishing it, meaning you can preview design updates on different devices to get the actual feel. 

2- Increased Traffic to Your Online Store

Relevant traffic means more qualified leads. And more qualified leads translate into more sales opportunities. 

It is important to select an ecommerce platform that comes with advanced SEO features to give you an edge over your competitors. With BigCommerce, you will have an option to choose from search-friendly themes and have full control over customizing URLs, header tags, and metadata. As a result, you can optimize the pages of your eStore following the best SEO practices in the industry. 

Also, BigCommerce makes all the pages of your eStore encrypted. This means shoppers will feel secure browsing your eStore with the presence of a padlock displayed by sitewide HTTPS. 

What’s more, you can sell easily on Amazon, Google, eBay, and Facebook with easy integration. 

Here are some other highlights:

  • Simple integration of hundreds of best-in-class apps 
  • A built-in blog to leverage the power of content marketing
  • Activation of the abandoned cart saver tool to target customers who left shopping cart through emails 
  • Customer segmentation for better marketing

In a nutshell, BigCommerce provides you with world-class marketing solutions to drive traffic and reach out to customers. 

3- Increased Sales

Checkout experience plays a critical role in customers completing their purchases. 

BigCommerce enables you to implement a simple, single-page checkout to improve conversions. 

What’s more, the platform also equips you with many advanced features to streamline the checkout process, such as guest checkout, mobile optimization, and quick account creation for faster checkouts. 

Also, Google AMP boosts page speed and performance of your online store on mobile devices, increasing user experience, which will result in more sales. 

Have I forgotten to mention that BigCommerce improves search effectiveness with its product-filtering features?

4- Simplified Ecommerce Management 

Running an online store shouldn’t take a toll on your mental and physical health. BigCommerce has made ecommerce management simple for small business owners. Thanks to its advanced features, now you can save time and money while running your eStore successfully. 

The following are key features of BigCommerce, which will help you grow faster without having mental stress:

  • Easy management of your inventory with native tools 
  • Creation of personalized shopping experiences 
  • Easy-to-use third-party integrations to improve shipping management 

Also, the platform offers you the freedom of choosing payment gateway integrations with no transaction fees. You can now choose from 65 payment gateway integrations to provide your customers with the flexibility to pay.  

5- Industry-Leading Expertise

Having an online store is one thing, and a successful one is another. With more and more businesses starting to sell online, you need to stay on top of the game to stand out from the crowd. 

The most significant benefit BigCommerce offers is that it shares its industry-leading expertise with small business owners to support them. 

There are community forums, webinars, tutorials, and guides to help you make informed decisions. Additionally, you can avail personalized site audits and tailored advice from BigCommerce experts to grow your business online.

If you have any technical issues, the company is available 24/7 via chat, email, and US-based phone support.

In conclusion…

Getting your store online is something that you cannot afford to put off in today’s time. With more and more businesses taking their stores online, you will lose the race if you also don’t do the same. 

BigCommerce had made selling online simple with powerful built-in tools. They offer a free trial and one month free to assess if it fits your needs, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t try it.

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