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Business Tips: Ismail Discusses His Favorite Photography Session Locations

Business Tips: Ismail Discusses His Favorite Photography Session Locations

Ismail Sirdah is a popular photographer in Georgia. Travel Photography found him after spending much of his career working in the vibrant entertainment sector of Atlanta and Savannah, Georgia. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Sirdah spent much of his childhood and early adult life working in his family’s restaurant before moving to the U.S. in the early 2000’s.

Eventually, Ismail Sirdah moved to Savannah, Georgia where his work as an entertainment and events professional brought him into contact with photography. The love of photography grew from here and would lead him to study at the Savannah School of Art and Design before opening his photography studio.

Ismail has compiled a list of his favorite photographic session locations to help those looking for a few tips to improve their skills. As a professional educator of photographers, Sirdah is always looking to assist those who are looking to capture the best possible images.

Waterfront Locations

I love the waterfront and am lucky to be close to the Savannah River which can make it easy for me to capture some magical images for happy couples, families, and anybody who wants an attractive backdrop to their pictures. Beaches and riverfronts can be an excellent choice if you are hoping to capture a sunrise or sunset but for me, the best moment is sunrise when most locations are deserted.

As a photographer, you have to take into account any eventuality including tourists and visitors to a popular place who tend to arrive during warm, sunny afternoons. As with every session, it is essential to talk to the subject of a photograph and make sure they have dressed appropriately for the location and will enjoy the images captured for years to come.

State Parks

No matter where you go in the U.S., you can usually find a state park with the sunrise to sunset hours close by. One of the main reasons I have been drawn to state parks is the fact they are usually large with some different options for locations for my clients to enjoy. It is easy to find deserted sites in state parks which can be used for a fun shoot. Forbes showed a great shot of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park that is astonishing in its colors and looks like it was taken in a secluded location.

In my own experience, if a specific landmark or location has been chosen it is important to head there early in the morning as chances are other photographers and visitors will be heading to the same location. There is some beautiful scenery in nature, and state parks are a natural hidden gem that many beginners overlook.

Abandoned Farm Buildings

I like to use the ShotHotSpot app to explore the different locations open to me in developing my photography career with new and exciting locations. I also take a look at any locations by myself at different times of the day to make sure every location has its best views explored. My photography studio is located in Georgia, and many of my clients want to achieve a “shabby chic” look to their images.

Abandoned farm buildings are a good option for these shoots, and many landowners are willing to work with you to make your images looks as impressive as possible. These can lend to be a perfect backdrop for engagement pictures, birth or pregnancy announcements, and a plethora of other events.


I know not every city has a botanical garden but where available these can make for a stunning backdrop to any photoshoot. The range of greenery and flora in these buildings is breathtaking and provide a photographer with so many options you should always be able to find something entertaining to use with your subjects. One of the main attractions for myself is the fact many of these locations have a distinct style to the buildings being used. I have found greenhouses with a distinctly Victorian flavor to them and others offering a thoroughly modern backdrop location.

A Coffee Shop

Originally, this was one of my favorite locations, and I spent a large amount of time photographing my subjects through the window of a number of the most iconic storefronts in Savannah. More and more photographers are picking up on this trend, and it is wearing a little thin with me as a trend. However, I would say at least one out of every ten clients calls my office wanting a shoot featuring the coffee shop where they met.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced photographer, changing up your locations can help build your portfolio for prospective clients. Blogging is a good way to get your new photos known and bring in more business. Write a blog post on your website about each new location you try and include stunning photos. Don’t be afraid to find a new location and shoot some breathtaking images.

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