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Create Your Perfect Business Pitch – 5 Tips from Precious Williams

Create Your Perfect Business Pitch – 5 Tips from Precious Williams

Picture it!  Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 2019.  I just walked into St. Mary’s University preparing myself to be the only African American, only American, and only woman of color to speak at the Professional Development Summit.

How did I get here?  Was the audience really that excited to hear from me?  I was so taken aback that I almost cried.  You see, I had not spoken internationally since 2015.  In 2017, I came within 2 minutes of dying and I truly believed that I would never speak again on ANY stage!

You see, as a young girl, I was an unwanted and unloved child.  Despite all of this, I did have one talent:  the gift of speech.  This gift served me well for I was able to rise above poverty, homelessness, and despair multiple times in my life.  Many people, over the course of my life, have told me I would never amount to anything, let alone become a successful serial entrepreneur.  I did not come from money, did not have the right connections, yet, like dust, I still came to rise!  The gift of speech is my claim to fame! 

All of this enters my mind as I prepare to give “The Art of the “Killer” Pitch” to my Canadian audience.  To my shock and awe, I had over 200 attendees come to my session from hearing one of my pitches that I gave before the Keynote Speaker.  I was then told that the way I spoke, the way I gave my pitch, and the confidence to do it at a moment’s notice impressed the audience.  Out of 240 attendees, 200 showed up for my presentation!  Not bad for a girl from the inner city of St. Louis, Missouri.

For me, pitching is fun, a way of life for me, and one of the greatest moments I have ever had on stage.  Think you do not need a business pitch to grow your business or better yet help you stand out from a crowded marketplace?  You are so wrong!

If I could rise above all that tried to hold me back, pitching is the way forward.  It will get you all the clients, customers, investors and media you could ever want!  Trust me!

Ready to learn more?  

Let’s face it!  Your business pitch is the single thing that could either get your business off and running or plunge your idea into eternal depths of extinction. In other words, it matters.

By definition, a “pitch” in the business world has nothing at all to do with an amazing fastball; rather, it describes the way that presenters “throw” or deliver information at prospects.

Creating The Perfect Power Pitch

  1. Timing is everything. Keep your ideas clear, concise and brief. A brilliant idea means nothing unless you can deliver it in a few moments of raw power. The more concise you can be, the more effective you will be. It is important that when you have written the content of your presentation, you take the time to map out how it will be delivered. When practicing your presentation, attempt to replicate the actual delivery as closely as possible.


  1. Literally, tell a story. Storytelling is an essential aspect of sales pitches. It paints a picture of what life could be like with your product. Use your story to dramatize, build engagement and elicit emotional responses to seemingly emotionless objects and catch the attention of your audience.


  1. Be enthusiastic. Pitching is about having the charisma, allure, and passion to get other people excited about what your presenting. Be cautious not to take it overboard to the point where you seem arrogant. A good technique for increasing your energy level is to add about 50 percent more energy than you feel comfortable with.


  1. Be prepared for objections. Understand that objections are usually nothing more than a mechanism that we use to get comfortable with what others are proposing to us before agreeing with it. When people have an interest in what you are saying they will certainly have questions. By formulating skillful and persuasive answers to these tough questions, it will help you demonstrate the array of abilities and traits that investors want to see.


  1. Offer a solution. Your product may come with many wonderful features for customers to explore. It’s obvious a lot of time and effort went into creating it. However, prospects are truly most interested in what your product can do for them. How exactly does your product solve their biggest problems? How much money will they save by using your product? And will using your product free up their time or improve their lives for the better?


  1. Following up is critical. Be consistent, reliable, and follow through on your word. Continue to follow up until you either get a yes or a definite no. Do not interpret a lack of response or any other kind of message as a no.

The Takeaway

Being able to express your business idea in a clear, concise, and coherent way is how entrepreneurs attract investment, new partners and talent.

A lot can ride on your ability to pitch your product or service in a presentation. It’s important to remember that all of the passion, pervasiveness, and power are already within yourself. It just takes practice to unleash that power.

What Can Pitching Do for You?

As the CEO of Perfect Pitches by Precious, LLC, I now speak all over the world to women and men entrepreneurs and people who feel that the best has passed them by.  They have a dream and a vision for building a company that leaves a lasting legacy, pays them handsomely, and impacts real lives.  

If you struggle with how to pitch your business, brand, services, or products, make sure you develop your perfect powerful pitch.  These tips are just the beginning, make them count!  It will make the difference between soaring as a thriving entrepreneur or taking the long road to nowhere!

A toast to your success!

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