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Facebook Ads for lawyers: 4 ways to get more legal clients

Facebook Ads for lawyers: 4 ways to get more legal clients

Like most service providers, attorneys are always looking for ways to get more clients. Facebook Ads for lawyers might be an attractive lead-generation option. Why?

Legal keywords currently make up the five most expensive keywords on Bing and Google. If you want to rank for “lawyer” or “attorney,” be prepared to spend more than $100 every time someone clicks your ad. Some firms are spending $50,000 to $100,000 a month on Google Ads.

And remember, that comes with no guarantee of getting a new client in the process.

It’s no wonder many law firms are looking for ways to cut their advertising costs. What if your firm could spend a fraction of the ad spend mentioned above and get the same amount of leads?

Of course, there are ways to help ensure your law firm PPC is ROI-positive and profitable. But if you’re looking for new channels to test to market your lawyers, Facebook Ads are worth exploring.

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4 ways to use Facebook Ads for lawyers

Here are four ways you can optimize your ad spend on Facebook and land new clients along the way:

  1. Retarget your website visitors using the Facebook Pixel.
  2. Target people who are exactly like your current clients.
  3. Market your content, not your services.
  4. Use current events to your advantage.

Try these four strategies to market your law practice using Facebook Ads.

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1. Retarget your website visitors using the Facebook Pixel

Website visitors are the perfect start for your Facebook targeting campaigns. You already know they’re interested in hiring a legal firm because they’ve visited your website.

They might just need a final push before taking the plunge to hire you.


But the only way you can retarget these visitors on your Facebook campaigns is if you have the Facebook Pixel installed on your website.

With it, you’ll be able to optimize ads for people who’ve visited your website and make them highly targeted. But if you haven’t installed it, your firm will be essentially playing a guessing game.

You can find your Facebook Pixel in your Ads Manager menu (above). Building the pixel takes two clicks (Facebook Ads Manager does it for you) and then you can add it to the code of whatever site you want to track.

Now, every time someone visits a page (for example, your services page) they’ll be automatically added to an audience list.

This will give you the ability to retarget them with an optimized ad campaign in the future.

For example, you can gear the pixel to track people who’ve visited your legal services page but didn’t actually contact you to become a client. Or, you can set your pixel to track website visitors who failed to click on a call-to-action like an eBook download.

Whatever actions you want to track, make sure the code is set up and working before you start using it on your targeting campaigns.

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2. Target people who are exactly like your current clients

Who are your current clients, right at this very moment?

No matter what legal space you are in, there’s a good chance that a lot of your clients have a similar demographic, age range and maybe even a similar profession.

What if there were a way for you to target a group of people who are exactly the same, but are yet to become clients?

There is.

Facebook has a tool called Lookalike Audiences, and it targets those who have lookalike attributes to your current audience.

The tool, which can also create a lookalike audience from your email list, means you can market your firm to thousands of people who are very similar to those who have already expressed an interest in your services.

It’s a great way to target your ideal customer personas, especially as Facebook does all the hard work for you.

Another great feature of lookalike audiences is you can bundle them into an audience you are also retargeting. This means your firm is able to put its advertising spend into people who are the most likely to show an interest in becoming clients.

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3. Market your content, not your services

People go on Facebook to share photos of puppies and talk to their friends. Nobody wants to be hassled by billboards about local lawyers.

The best approach for your firm to use Facebook is to look at it as a way to join in on potential clients’ conversations, rather than trying to target them like you do using Google Ads.

To do this, produce content that engages your audience and sparks a conversation, then promote it through Facebook Ads for your lawyers.

That’s right, this means creating a blog for your law firm.

Editor’s note: Need a blog? With our Quick Start Wizard, GoDaddy’s Managed WordPress makes it a snap to get a blog up and running.

Managed WordPress features responsive themes designed especially for lawyers, easy page building tools for fluid design and more.

Aim to provide value with your pieces of content, too.

Give the reader something that they can take away with them, even if you haven’t got them on board as a client yet.

That way, when they’re ready to hire a divorce lawyer, you’ll be at the top of their minds.

Creating conversational content that can actually help people with their problems is a great strategy for legal firms in the long run. This builds trust, awareness and a sense of personal connection to your firm — all things that are extremely hard to do with traditional billboard advertising.

Facebook advertising vs. other PPC ads

Don’t look at Facebook advertising in the same way as your PPC advertising. The two approaches work in completely different ways.

PPC advertising targets those who are already seeking your services, while your goal for advertising on Facebook is to make people aware you are there if they need you.

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4. Use current events to your advantage

This sounds a bit paparazzi-like, but it works. Creating content is great, but we all know people love using Facebook to keep up to date with the world around them.

That’s why creating content that syncs up with current events cannot only get it noticed, but will make it shareable as well.

Some of the best pieces of content you can create will relate to something that’s happening right now.

For example, a major Hollywood couple recently announced they were getting a divorce. And your firm specializes in divorce law. A piece of content outlining why every couple should have a prenup is bound to gain a lot more attention because of the recent news out of Hollywood.

It’s all about being part of the conversation.

Real-world example

Take this example from Futeral & Nelson, LLC, a Charleston, South Carolina, law firm that specializes in family law, criminal defense and injury claims.

The firm was representing a client who had lost a family member due to an incident at an assisted-living residence. The family member had wandered off and tragically died. While they were representing the family, the exact same incident happened again.

Futeral & Nelson quickly wrote a Facebook post that shared a news article about the tragic incident, which also highlighted that it was the second time a tragedy had struck in such circumstances.

While the post gained a lot of attention, the firm had also set up a call-to-action that was linked to in an article on the local news website. When clicked through, it took the user to a specially designed landing page, which was geared toward the news story:

Photo: Justice Legal Marketing

Although the firm’s leads were actually generated from Facebook, it’s a great example of how lawyers can use social media to create awareness in their practice without imposing on sensitive situations.

Join the conversation and subtly attract new clients

An important thing to remember if your lawyers are using Facebook Ads as a tool to get new clients: Don’t bombard people with legal jargon.

Facebook is a social platform, so it works best if your ads are doing just that — being social.

You can certainly get more legal clients by using Facebook. But it means you might have to think outside the box and create specific pieces of content to get them to join in on a conversation started by your firm.

And when they’re in need of legal advice, without even pressuring them, you’ll be at the top of their list.

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