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Hesitating to Implement Awkward Business Idea? This Founder’s Story Will Inspire You [Plus 3 Growth Tips]

Hesitating to Implement Awkward Business Idea? This Founder’s Story Will Inspire You [Plus 3 Growth Tips]

Not all business ideas receive a beam from the audience. Some business ideas sometimes get a frown from some people, too. Well, there is nothing wrong with such awkward business ideas.

It is just some people don’t get unusual business ideas at first. Later, the same people whose faces wore disapproval at first often become adopters of the products resulting from these ideas.

Are you having any awkward business idea and hesitating to implement it? If yes, then Ramon’s latest interview with Frances Tang will give you the much-needed dose of motivation.

Who Is Frances Tang?

Frances Tang is the founder of Awkward Essentials, a hygiene company focusing currently on female hygiene. But Frances has a plan to expand her company into all kinds of weird bodily functions in the coming years.

Awkard Essentials offers dripstick, which is a medical-grade sponge. The product is designed to help women clean up after a love-making session.

 Awkward Essentials
PC: Awkward Essentials

When did the idea of the dripstick hit her?

She used to work as a baker at one point. When she would bake a cake, she would use a rubber spatula to take the bowl’s batter out. And she would think about having something same to clean her after sex.

In her own words,

Oh, I wish I could just invent a rubber spatula for my vagina after sex to get everything out because it’s just kind of a pain.

As dripstick is the first after-sex cleanup product, it was not easy for Frances to establish her product. Her journey from ideating the product idea to successfully selling the product has been stimulating.

In her interview, she shared tips on how she built her company having a product some people initially found awkward.

Three Important Growth Tips From Awkward Essentials Founder

Here is what you can learn from Frances Tang to build your business of selling awkward products:

1- Educate Your Audience

If you are going to launch a product that people may find weird or awkward, you should make an aggressive plan to educate your audience. You have to make your audience understand how your product can make their lives easier.

When you’re trying to introduce or create something that has never been done before, there’s this educational hump that you have to get over just for people to understand.

2- Seek Advice from the Right People

When you have a business idea, you want someone to get feedback on it. Or you want some advice on how to transform your vision into reality.

Indeed, business advice is important. But it is also where many prospective small business owners make mistakes. They turn to the wrong people who do more harm than any good.

So it would help if you were cautious about whom you are seeking business growth advice.

Frances said,

I wish I had gotten less advice. Okay, guys, I was so like, hell-bent on getting advice to figure out how to do it right to make sure I was doing it right. But I wasn’t qualifying the advice. So I wasn’t making sure that the person that I was talking to knows about this industry.

3- Follow Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Prospective small business owners with seemingly awkward business ideas sometimes think that it will not work because it is awkward. If you also do the same, you should stop doubting your business idea.

The only way to know whether your idea will work or not is to try it out.

So follow your entrepreneurial spirit and gut to win the world.

Frances emphasized,

The only way you’ll know if it works are people want it is to just go out there and do it. I mean, what we’re doing here with awkward essentials and dripstick, five years ago, I never would have thought.

Check the full interview below to know more about how she overcame hurdles and built a successful company.

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