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How Commercial Landscaping Can Change the Face of Your Business

How Commercial Landscaping Can Change the Face of Your Business

Business owners everywhere go to great lengths to ensure that their storefront looks pristine, their interior is well designed, and their lighting is perfectly placed. After all, proper presentation can make the difference between a successful and struggling retail business.

Yet, many business owners fail to realize that effective landscaping plays a key role in how they present their company to the world. Well-kept lawns, trimmed hedges, and smooth walkways can go a long way in leaving your customers, clients, and staff with a positive impression of their company.

Before customers walk through their door, their first impression of their business is determined by the state of their landscape. If poorly maintained, their company can come off as unprofessional and uninviting. By improving a business’s landscape, it demonstrates that they are willing to go the extra mile to leave a positive impression on their guests and staff. As a result, they are more likely to keep coming back.

Want to find out how a business can benefit from professional landscaping services? As business owners ourselves, we’ll break down the top reasons why commercial landscaping can transform a business for the better.

Boost Your Street Appeal

We call it the “curb’s eye view” of a company. It is the first impression that the potential customers and clients have of a business—the view from the street. We all know what it’s like to have a neighbor who refuses to mow their lawn, trim their trees, or maintain their driveway or garden. It’s an eye sore, and it can make one dread sharing the street with them.

The same is true of businesses that neglect their physical property. Nothing about an unkempt landscape will draw in potential customers. By contrast, a landscape that displays pride and dedication to one’s business will attract visitors who appreciate the work put into it. As a result, professional commercial landscaping has the ability to boost sales potential before the customers even walk inside.

Create a Welcoming Workplace

Business owners understand that there are few concerns more important than finding the right talent. Staffing can be difficult enough as it is but securing the best personnel available means you have to attract them to the company. If they want a team of professionals, they need to look the part.

Expert commercial landscaping can make all the difference when it comes to finding the right staff. From the minute they step foot onto the property, job candidates will be welcomed by a beautiful landscape that emanates elegance and sophistication. If left untidy, we find that poorly maintained landscapes often repel top-tier talent like the plague.

Improve Your Property Value

It’s true—when a business invests in their landscape, they invest in the value of their business. This is because a well-designed landscape can improve a business’s property value. Real estate is one of the most valuable assets that small to medium-sized businesses can own. By improving the value of the property, they can improve the valuation of the company itself.

Professional commercial landscaping can result in returns up to 200% higher than the cost of the landscaping service itself. This means for every single dollar spent on landscaping, the company’s net worth increases by two dollars. Not such a bad deal, is it?

Radiate Professionalism

A healthy landscape sets the tone for a company. If the business professionals ignore the state of the property, they send a strong message about the level of dedication to the company as a whole. This is also true of DIY landscaping jobs that are poorly executed. When a landscaping job is sloppily designed, it often backfires by creating a worse impression that before! To prevent this, trust commercial landscaping experts to manage the landscape maintenance. After all, the company personnel are busy enough as is.

Ready to Give Your Business a Facelift?

M.E. Contracting was created out of a desire to help business owners revitalize their properties and improve their bottom lines. For years, M.E. Contracting has proven itself to be the leading source for professional commercial landscaping in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). If your business is ready to take the next step toward achieving a more professional appearance, contact the experts at M.E. Contracting today for a free job estimate.

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