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The Secret to Happiness

The Secret to Happiness

Hey everyone, I’m having a hard time adjusting back to the routine after spending 6 weeks in Thailand. I just don’t feel like writing anything about finance at all. So today, I’ll just write a short post about happiness. That’s one of the three most important pillars in life – health, wealth, and happiness. We need a good balance of all three to have a prosperous life. Ignore one at your peril.

My secret to happiness

For me, the secret to happiness is to forget the bad things that happened. I learned this from my dad. Good and bad things happen in life. Everyone has a stretch of bad luck sometimes. My dad had a difficult childhood and failed at many businesses. He never looked back or lamented anything. He always pushes on and tries again. Failures and setbacks never discourage him. I didn’t understand this when I was young, but now I get it.

Forgetting bad things lets you focus on the good things in life. You’ll have a lot of good memories and they give you hope for the future. In Thailand, my cousin asked if I ever ran into a stretch of bad breaks in the past and I answered not really. Life has been very good for me. But if I think hard about it, I had plenty of problems too. The last few years of my engineering career were very difficult. My productivity dropped and my health suffered due to stress and a bad attitude. I had to grind it out. But I forgot all about it after I got through it. Today, I barely remember all the problems I had back then.

Focusing on the positive things in life made me a happier person. I have good memories and I expect good things to happen in the future. I act happy and I am happy. Even if something bad happens, I know I can push through it.

Act happy, be happy

Here is a relevant article about acting happy. They say if you smile and act like a happy person, you’ll prime yourself to be happy. I agree. Face the world with a smile and people will react positively to you. It’s a positive feedback loop. Nobody wants to talk to a frown. Fake it ‘till you make it. It works.

*Of course, this probably won’t work if you have some underlying problems. You need to fix those problems first. Once the problems are mostly gone, then you can forget them and be happy.

Ok, that’s all I got today. Hopefully, I’ll get back into the groove soon. It’s hard to write when you have writer’s block. Maybe I need another vacation. Hahaha.

Are you a happy person? What’s your secret to happiness?

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