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The Types of Web Hosting Services a Retail Website Needs

The Types of Web Hosting Services a Retail Website Needs

A retail website is much more complex than most people realize. In order to have a professional looking site that has user friendly features, you need to bring together a variety of online services that work together. If you are interested in starting your own retail website, then you will need to know what services you need to bring together to make your site desirable to customers.

All-In-One Services

There are many reputable companies that offer ecommerce web hosting services as a one-stop shop kind of arrangement where everything is under one roof. This can be convenient for the website owner who wants only one point of contact for online features and support. But if you are interested in putting together separate pieces to get exactly what you want, then these types of providers are not going to work for you.

Shopping Cart

It seems like there is no single definition of what an online retail shopping cart service provider actually does for its customers. When you are looking for a shopping cart service, you will need to keep in mind what you want that service to do and then spend plenty of time talking to a variety of providers. Some shopping cart providers will offer a broad array of marketing features that can add considerable value to your business. Spend some time doing research and find the ideal shopping cart software for your business.


The biggest secret in the online retail industry is that most online retailers do not own a warehouse and do not have their inventory on hand in any location they own. They can do this because of service providers called dropshippers. A dropshipper owns one or more warehouses, takes care of providing inventory, and will ship products to your clients with paperwork that looks like it is from you. If you find a dropshipper with 10 warehouses around the country, then you can say that your business has 10 locations. It takes time to find a good dropshipper and most online retail website owners work with more than one dropshipper.


Most online retail websites that do buy product do not buy directly from the manufacturer. Most of them buy from wholesalers, also known as distributors. Most wholesalers could also qualify as dropshippers, but some will not ship products to your customers. There are also wholesalers who will ship to your customers, but they will not put your name on the invoice. If you are working with a wholesaler who is not normally a dropshipper, then it is just safer to have the product sent to you and then you send it to your customer. The last thing you want is for your customer to get a bill from a wholesaler that shows what you paid for the product.

It is a lot of work to put together a memorable online retail website, but it can also create a rewarding career. Be sure to take your time and find the right services you need to provide the kinds of products and support that your customers expect. It is important to understand how your service providers do business, and do not be afraid to use multiple service providers for the same service. It is good business to have a back-up in case something goes wrong.

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