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The Whirly Board Helps You Stay Active & Focused When Using A Standing Desk

The Whirly Board Helps You Stay Active & Focused When Using A Standing Desk

Many home business owners love using standing desks, but they sometimes experience fatigue from standing for too long or from sitting still when their desks are lowered. Luckily, there is a fantastic innovation that will help entrepreneurs stay active and boost their creativity, motivation, and focus all day: The Whirly Board. This longevity-enhancing solution is a great way to help business owners maximize their daily productivity!

Originally designed for board sport lovers, The Whirly Board has grown in popularity in the business sector–it has become a must-have balance board for both home offices and large-scale corporations. The Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research has stated that too much sitting seems to increase the risk of death from cardiovascular disease and cancer. Using a Whirly Board will help combat these health risks.

The Whirly Board will help you build your core muscles and stay active and focused throughout the day, even when the afternoon slump threatens to hit. Founded by entrepreneur Erik Olsen, Whirly Board is a small startup based out of Wisconsin with hopes of living the entrepreneur dream. 

“When I first created The Whirly Board, I was looking to make something that I could practice spinning on for snowboarding and wakeboarding,” says Erik Olsen, Founder and CEO of The Whirly Board. “I looked around my garage and decided to make the first board with what I had on hand- a skateboard deck, bowling ball and pool balls. I ended up creating something that was really fun, unbeknownst to me I would receive such a positive response from anyone who tried it.

I decided to make a mold, pack up my car with 100 boards, and go all in, making a trip out west to sell to any board sport shop that saw the potential in me and my product. That was four years ago, and I am now able to quit my insurance job and work as an entrepreneur full-time from home. I even use my own Whirly Board in my home shop as I build other boards to help fight fatigue and have more fun!” 

The Whirly Board is more then just a balance board–it is a healthy lifestyle. It is perfect for standing desks, as a board sport practice tool, and workouts. Kids love it too! The Whirly Board has a Lifetime Guarantee for all of their boards, which have a weight limit of around 500lbs. It is available in natural Canadian Maple Wood, with skateboard grip tape, and more designs. You can also select colors like Fugi Green for the center ball.

You can also customize the decks with your company logo! The Whirly Board retails for $119.00 and up. To see all of the selections and to purchase, visit and you can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and YouTube.


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