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Top Essentials to Enhance Business Productivity & Success this Summer

Top Essentials to Enhance Business Productivity & Success this Summer

Summer is almost officially here! The change in seasons is always a fantastic time to stock up on new innovations that will help you bring your business to a whole new level of success. If you’re looking for an essential to help you enhance productivity (or a last-minute Father’s Day gift for a hardworking dadpreneur), look no further! Below are must-have solutions that will boost business efficiency this season and beyond.

There are so many revolutionary essentials on the market that will help entrepreneurs work to the best of their ability every day. The must-have picks below are perfect for home business owners who are on the lookout for ways to keep productivity and morale high. From handy, personalized cell phone cases that carry all the necessities to a top-of-the-line headset for all sales calls, the below items are must-haves for any business owner.

KEF SPACE ONE Wireless Headphones

You will be thankful for these onboard active noise cancellation headphones when you need to relax and rest during long flights for business! A winner of the Red Dot Best of the Best award, these wireless headphones preserve Hi-Fi integrity and feature ultra sleek, Porsche Design styling. They will be an instant favorite for long days in the office when you want to zone into your fave tunes while answering emails or when listening to a business podcast.
Buy now: $400,

SkinIt Laptop Skin & Folio Cell Phone Cases

With SkinIt, you can customize a “skin” for your laptop that will keep you inspired each day or design your own cell phone case to keep all your essentials together. The Folio cell phone case has a front & back folio cover, three card slots for cards, plus a “cash stash” pocket. This handy grab-and-go case is a blessing when you’re rushing out the door to meet clients! These stylish cases are available in many designs or you can create your own with your fave photo. For iPhone 7 Plus – iPhone X and Galaxy S8 – Galaxy S8 Plus.
Buy now: Prices for laptop skins vary, Folio cases are $49.99+ at

The Bullet Collection by Fisher Space Pens

Upgrade your pen this summer so you can write with sophisticated elegance! The Bullet Space Pens are both beautiful and functional–they write over grease, water, and more! They also write in extreme temperatures and when upside-down. Perfect for entrepreneurs, they are reliable and will work every time. The Chrome Bullet Space Pen with American Flag makes a great last-minute Father’s Day gift! Many can also be engraved with a name.
Buy now: Prices range from $20 to $95 for the luxury models,

ZAGG rugged book Durable, Magnetic-Hinged Keyboard

Perfect for protecting your iPad, 9.7” iPad Pro, iPad Air, or iPad Air 2, this protective case features book, keyboard, case, and video modes for total versatility. You will also appreciate the rechargeable batteries (they last up to two years between charges), easy-to-use laptop-style keys (backlit in seven colors for a comfortable typing experience), and the case’s four layers of durable construction that meet military drop-test standards. The metal plate under the detachable keyboard also provides a sturdy typing surface.
Buy now: $129.99 at

Leitner LH270 Wireless Office Headset

Known as the top-selling wireless headset on, the Leitner LH270 Wireless Office Headset features UniBase technology that allows for conference landline and VoIP calls. Those who really value safety will appreciate the headset’s enhanced DECT Level A Security that keeps calls private. Featuring a light, comfy, and adjustable headband for a customized fit, the Leitner LH270 is the only wireless office headset with a 5-year warranty. You can also walk up to 350 feet away from a desk and stay connected to a call!
Buy now: $288.28 at

Xtra-PC Pro

This innovation will give your computer extra speed and 64GB of extra storage. Xtra-PC Pro is a highly advanced flash drive stick that you insert into an available USB port on your PC. Built on Linux’s tried-and-true foundation, Xtra-PC Pro bypasses your outdated, sluggish, and bloated Windows operating system to make your computer lighting fast and perform much better. Xtra-PC Pro gives you an all-new, easy-to-use operating system that is reminiscent of your Windows PC. It also works with missing or faulty hard drives.
Buy now: $79.99 at


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