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Transform your Business from Failure to Success. Be The Rugged Entrepreneur.

Transform your Business from Failure to Success. Be The Rugged Entrepreneur.

Carlton Scott Andrew knows what it takes to succeed in business. In this article, he explains why faith, work ethic and more are essential.

I firmly believe that anyone can become an entrepreneur. Millions of people around the world make the leap every year. However, the vast majority don’t know what it takes to succeed before jumping in.

Rugged Entrepreneurs (aka, “Ruggeds”) have a totally different story to tell. Ruggeds make the leap toward success in a way that separates them from the millions who fall short because they have invested the time and effort to develop and hone a specific set of powerful skills. I call these qualities The Four Foundational Elements of a Rugged Entrepreneur.

#1 A Fervent Work Ethic

The most important foundational element for a Rugged Entrepreneur to develop is a love and respect for hard work and a fervent work ethic that is performed with a burning hot intensity and energy.

Some Ruggeds establish this fervent work ethic as children, helping out on a farm or in a family business, or by playing competitive sports, having a competitive job, or applying themselves competitively to academics. Others learn it later in life.

As Ruggeds mature and realize how much opportunity has passed them by, a sense of urgency drives them to change their course. Often it is a passion or a desperate need that compels a person to work fiercely toward a goal. These experiences of hard work lead to an understanding of how greatness can be achieved by embracing challenges and working through them.

#2 A Humble and Healthy Pride

To succeed as an entrepreneur in a demanding business environment, you must also be hungry for knowledge. All entrepreneurs are aware that there is always something more they could learn to improve their business, and it’s safe to say that those who have fallen short of their goals are especially aware of that fact.

Many will look to expand their knowledge in the area of their business expertise. They will take more accounting, marketing, or finance courses or read up on industry specifics. But building long-term, highly successful Rugged organizations requires a lot more than that. It requires broadening your knowledge to many other areas that are not so business-centric.

Rugged Entrepreneurs have a voracious appetite for developing and improving their business acumen, but they also have a desire, ability, and willingness to push the boundaries of their knowledge.

In the same way that a violent storm of nature can bring a building construction crew to their knees, a violent storm in business can bring an entrepreneur to their knees. This is why I say a measure of a humble and healthy pride must be exerted.

#3 Mental Toughness

In periods of either calm or storm, Rugged Entrepreneurs must remain alert and strong in order to anticipate, avoid, or confront the unique challenges of the business climate in which they find themselves.

Because there is strength in numbers, they must not only develop fortitude in themselves, but they must do the same for the others around them. The employees Ruggeds attract and cultivate don’t have to bear the full weight of a business the way a Rugged must, but they are nevertheless trained to be an integral part of the organization’s foundation. This is why I say mental toughness is a vital part of a Rugged’s character and the character of his or her team members.

#4 Faith

The success of a Rugged Entrepreneur is equal to the size and heft of the structure they build and shoulder. Common sense dictates that the stronger, broader, and deeper the foundation, the more that can be built upon and supported by it. A Rugged Entrepreneur must believe in their plan and in themselves enough to invest their resources of time, money, and passion.

This is why I say faith is an essential element of being a Rugged Entrepreneur.

A Rugged Entrepreneur

Being a Rugged Entrepreneur will not be easy, and it certainly will not always be fun. It is not for the many, but rather, it is for the determined few. Its rewards, both personal and financial, are many.

If you truly have a desire to learn, I assure you that a great adventure awaits you. It’s one where you can enjoy your success, and more importantly, take pride in what you represent. Ruggeds are like the very business “skyscrapers” they build. Their view of the world is clear and expansive. They stand tall and proud. And most of all, they have enormous potential to provide themselves and others greater room and freedom in which to live and work.

About the author

Carlton Scott AndrewOver the past 25 years, highly successful serial entrepreneur Carlton Scott Andrew has founded and owned companies spanning multiple industries, including beverage manufacturing and wholesale, real estate development, multi-model franchising, construction, advertising, rodeo production, mass media, consulting, and internet marketing & distribution in retail and B2B. In 2013, recognizing a need for disruptive distribution and retail changes in the 100-billion-dollar U.S. home furnishings industry, he established Retail Service Systems (RSS), serving as its President and CEO. He is the author of The Rugged Entrepreneur.

 You can find more information about Carlton Scott Andrew at

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